Telekinesis : Telekinesis!

telekinesis.jpgMichael Lerner is a do-iot-yourselfer with no patience for belaboring his music. As Telekinesis, he writes and plays most all instruments, and with Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla turning the studio knobs, he recorded each of the song on his debut, Telekinesis!, in a day, before moving on to the next one.

Remarkably, the result is immediacy rather than haste, well-formed compositions throwing sparks like a firecracker fuse on its way to combustion. Lerner is succinct; his rock presence ranges from sweetly strummed meditations (“Rust”); to punchy, guitar blasts (“Coast of Carolina”); and piano-hooks. Warm stories unfurl with a well-intentioned clarity often missing in first attempts at most anything, much less record making.

Telekinesis! is a sprightly debut, melding Lerner’s masterful songwriter, compositional vision, and a undeniable knack for celebrating every minute, without regard for those that came before or those that will roll on after. One of the best albums so far this year, Telekinesis is taking a risky approach, executing without fail, and promising far more in the future.

Telekinesis! is out now on Merge Records.