Tea Leef Green - In the Wake

Tea Leaf Green : In The Wake

Tea Leef Green - In the Wake

Tea Leaf Green’s newest release is a testament to the relevance of a physical album in an increasingly digital world of music. Funded through a Kickstarter campaign, this is pure Tea Leaf Green creativity unleashed in the studio and made possible by a fanbase eager to see them take the wheel. The band made it easy; they provided impressive incentives to help contribute to this collaborative release. In The Wake marches across tracks from the three frontmen  (Josh Clark, Trevor Garrod, and Reed Mathis) with quite a bit of distinction between their styles and voices. Yet, the stamp of Tea Leaf Green as the well-oiled quintet does unite their individual efforts.

“Someday” sends the album off, and this is the band’s sweet spot. Garrod’s lyrics and soulful expressions are right in tune with the wild spirit of the band. Next, Clark takes his turn with a wild, sweaty romp, “Space Hero Pt. 2,” that is part of a suite of songs with parts three and four later in the disc. “Penny Saved” is a groovy head-bobber with more of Garrod’s unique way of finding the cross-section of power and control. The classical sound of “All Our Love” is an interesting contribution that adds a nice touch of character with arrangements on strings and horns thanks to Mathis.

The title track rolls along without a crash, but rather it fades softly away. “Give Me One More Chance” boasts great interplay with catchy lyrics between Garrod and guest vocalist Lesley Grant. Another track by Reed, “One Condition’s Enough,” lets the horns loose, and it certainly works. Part three of the “Space Hero” saga has Clark wind along an acoustic corridor in another dimension with an otherworldly backdrop of sonar pops and whale calls. Somewhere between classical music and pop-funk, “Two Parts” adds a nice push to the tempo of the album. For “Don’t Go,” Mathis and Leslie Helpert meander along together, connected by a wall of Green sound. Clark closes out the “Space Hero” suite with part four, wrapping up his songwriting contributions with a sizzling, guitar-laden jam.

Two great songs from Garrod close out In The Wake, a wonderful addition to Tea Leaf Green’s discography. This band needs to be in everyone’s catalog. Congratulations to the band on such a success with their fans and their love for music.

In The Wake is out now on Greenhouse Records.