Tea Leaf Green, 2/11/12

Tea Leaf Green
Brooklyn Bowl
New York City, NY
February 11, 2012



Playing one of the notable New York City venues on a Saturday night is as exciting for a concertgoer as it must be for a musician.

With an electric performance already under their belt from the previous night at the Bowery Ballroom, a lane was opened up for San Francisco based quintet Tea Leaf Green to sneak in a long night of fiery guitar riffs, smooth bass notes, and heart felt keyboard chords; all of which could be summed up with one phrase: Rock & Roll.

Simply put these guys put on one hell of a good rock concert at the Brooklyn Bowl. From the Reggae infused “ Easy To Be Your Lover” to the energetic “Garden part III,” Tea Leaf Green moved through their setlist in a manner that made it seem as though the songs chosen had been originally written to be played in that order.

Acknowledging the bowling lanes to the left of the stage (as well as the delicious golden fried chicken), fans of The Big Lebowski were ecstatic to hear the guitar work of guest Scott Metzger (RANA, Gene Ween) for Bob Dylan’s “The Man In Me.”  As the last notes of the cover lingered over the crowd, familiar quotes from the cult classic were unrelenting.

Scott stayed onstage for a huge version of “Incandescent Devil”  that saw keyboardist, Trevor Garrod’s vocals mesh perfectly with the two screaming guitars of Metzger and TLG’s Josh Clark.

All and all, one would be hard pressed to find better way to spend 12 bucks on a Saturday night. Too bad that doesn’t include the fried chicken.



(Stream this show below the photo gallery)

Easy to be Your Lover, 5000 Acres, Honeymooners, Garden III, Bouncin’ Betty, Cops Took My Weed, Nothing Changes, Oklahoma Home, Devil’s Pay, The Man in Me (Bob Dylan)*, Incandescent Devil*, Training a Cloud, Keeping the Faith, Dreaming Without Sleeping, Red Ribbons, Hipster Ninja, Panspermic*

Encore: Death Cake

*w/ Scott Metzger

To download an audience recording of this show, click here.


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