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Free Stuff Friday: Railroad Earth Tickets, Zigaboo’s drumstick, PGroove’s Amberland poster & Grace Potter’s new album…


For some reason, we have been slipping lately in the contest department. Well, consider today the day that we make up for our recent lapse.

Yep, today we have three things that are quite awesome to give to you, our loyal Honest Tune reading friends and family.Because it seems like a catchy phrase, we are officially deeming today “Free Stuff Friday,” but before you go patting us on the back for this unbelievable demonstration of creativity… let us never forget the days of 2011’s Free Festival Fridays, something that will soon repeat itself.


Free Stuff Friday!




What you are playing for…


1) One winner will walk away with two tickets to Railroad Earth’s show at The Fillmore in Charlotte on June 21, 2012*. 


  • It is no wonder that success has been no stranger to the band. With two festivals that they can now call their own (Music on the Mountaintop & Hangtown Halloween), this year, Honest Tune has already seen Railroad Earth on Jam Cruise and at the Superbowl, Hangout Fest and Wakarusa, not to mention several shows. Railroad Earth is one of America’s greatest bands playing today, plain and simple. They sing of our nation’s changing landscape and social ills with a commitment reminiscent of Woody Guthrie, while interpolating instrumental timbres that could have been pulled from Celtic or Cajun culture. And as anyone who has caught them live will attest, their concerts are imbued with the fire-in-the-belly passion of straight-ahead, blue collar rock & roll.   


2) One winner will walk away with an official event poster (designed by bassist, Adam Perry) from the 2012 installment of Perpetual Groove that is signed by the band.


    • Perpetual Groove is riding higher in 2012 than they have in quite some time. With the return of founding keyboardist, a rekindling has taken place that is audible in the music and even visible on the guys’ faces. But the truest test for any diehard Perp (fan of PGroove) is the band’s annual event, Amberland, the intimate four night camping event that takes over Lafayette, GA’s Cherokee Farms every year.  To say that the band passes would be like saying that Chong sort of liked bud. They were all aces, even managing to work in a couple of numbers that were fresh out of the box for many listeners’ ears.


2) One winner will walk away with a drumstick that was used in concert and signed by the legendary drummer from The Meters, Zigaboo Modeliste. 


  • Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste is one of, if not the most influential funk drummer of all time. Otherwise referred to as the Godfather of the Groove, his timeless style of play, known as “second line funk,” has been sampled by acts ranging from Digable Planets to the Beastie Boys. Having recorded with legends across all genres, Zig remains as relevant today as he was when The Meters first sprung onto the scene in the late sixties and early seventies when after one listen, Mick Jagger was so impressed with the outfit that he invited them to play on the Rolling Stones 1976-1977 World Tour. 


The drumstick up for grabs is a signature series Vic Firth 5A that was used in a live performance and autographed at a late night Jazz Fest gig.


3) One winner will walk away with a copy (CD) of Grace Potter & the Nocturnals’ forthcoming release, The Lion The Beast The Beat (due 6/12/12) and a signed 8×10 photograph, shot by Honest Tune’s very own David Shehi.


  • It is official… Grace Potter is a star, but that doesn’t mean that she and her Nocturnals are basking in the sun, chilling and waiting for the next royalty check to come in. For a woman like Grace, she couldn’t do that if she tried anyway. This is abundantly clear with her forthcoming LP, The Lion The Beast The Beat. Lyrically, she is as bold as ever and deeply personal. Opting to not tour on any of the material prior to deciding what would be on the finished product,  Grace says that “[the record] is not about selling albums, making people like them that didn’t like them before or bending expectations.” Rather, she says that it was more about “personal fulfillment” and “turning the page for themselves.”  The best part is that it worked… just as we all knew it would. Currently on tour with Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw with intermittent GPN headlining dates in between and Grand Point North fest in September, the sky is the limit for “our little Gracie Potter,” but knowing her, she at the band will reach it and keep on keeping on with a desire for an even higher altitude. As she puts it, that is “what great artists do.” Well, she is certainly one of those. 


How to Enter…


For the Railroad Earth tickets:

  • Click HERE and fill out the entry form.


For the Zigaboo drumstick:

  • Click HERE and fill out the entry form.


For the Grace Potter and the Nocturnals CD & autographed photo: 

  • Log into your Facebook account or your Twitter account
  • Head HERE and click “LIKE” or “RETWEET” the tweet that is below the video. For those that do not have Facebook or Twitter accounts, you may simply comment on the video by heading here.
  • Click HERE and fill out the entry form.


For the PGroove signed Amberland poster:

  • Log into your Facebook account or your Twitter account
  • Head HERE and click “LIKE” or “RETWEET” the tweet that is below the video. For those that do not have Facebook or Twitter accounts, you may simply comment on the video by heading here.
  • Click HERE and fill out the entry form.


Rules & Eligibility


How a winner will be chosen:

1) All of the entered names will be copied from the survey site and pasted into a computer generated random name picker. All of this will be videotaped so that nobody can cry foul. To see examples of us using this tool, click here. If we are lucky, maybe we will bump into Col. Bruce and get him to draw names out of a beer pitcher again.

2) The deadline for entry is Saturday, 6/16/12 at 11:59 PM CST

3) The Railroad Earth ticket winner will be announced the following day.Other winners will be announced within 7 days from the entry deadline.



Eligibility requirements:


1) Only entries that conform to the specifications outlined in “How to Enter” will be considered.

2) No previous or current Honest Tune editor/staff may enter

3) Contributors (senior and otherwise) may enter.

4) Only one entry per person/ per “prize” will be allowed and IP Addresses are logged on the survey site.

5) Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and from within the continental United States.





Fine Print
This contest is solely the responsibility of Honest Tune. It is not affiliated with nor is it endorsed by Zigaboo Modeliste, The Meters, Grace Potter, Hollywood Records, Railroad Earth, Perpetual Groove or any other representative thereof. They are aware of it and think it is rocking though! Odds of winning depend on number of entries. The winner will be contacted via his/her email address and must respond to the contact within 72 hours. All entries must be received from within the United States. Rules & eligibility requirements may be changed with or without notice within the first 72 hours of the contest’s launch. After 72 hours, any changes will be posted via Honest Tune’s Twitter or Facebook account. All entries must be submitted via the above listed criteria and Honest Tune reserves the right to disqualify entries based solely its discretion and upon an entry’s lack of conformity to the standards outlined above. Prize Values are Railroad Earth tickets: 40.00, Zigaboo sticks: 14.50 (plus value for the signature), Grace Potter CD and Photo: 18.95 (plus value for the signature). Any questions regarding this contest should be directed to the the contact option on the Honest Tune Hpme Page.


* Winner is responsible for all travel fees, hotels, parking expenses, etc. The winner will only receive complimentary entry to the Railroad Earth show at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC on 6/21/12. Name changes will not be allowed after 3PM CST on 6/17/12 (the day after the contest closes).