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Warren Hood Band: Warren Hood Band

WarrenHoodBandIt’s amazing what can come out of a musical trio. Look at bands like Rush, Cream, The Police and Nirvana. Just three individuals in each group but an amazing amount of great music from each. Whereas the Warren Hood Band has not reached the pinnacle of those bands, they are still a trio that shows their capability for both quality and versatility on their new self-titled record.

Listening to Warren Hood Band one realizes by the fourth song that this not a one trick pony band. Between vocalist/fiddler Warren Hood and vocalist/keyboardist Emily Gimble, the listener is treated to numerous combinations of voices and approaches to their sound. At times reminding one of an Americana Lady Antebellum and in the next song a country rock Maroon 5, one is never bored when spinning this record. And, major kudos to guitarist Willie Pipkin, whose guitar work slips in and out of each song supporting and shining through in all the right places.

From the first two tracks, “Alright” and “You’ve Got It Easy” to the final “What Everybody Wants,” the Warren Hood Band is a great start for a young band with a bright future.