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Trey Anastasio Thursday — Click here to enter to win CDs, shirts & autographs from Trey, Jen Hartswick & Van Ghost


Over the coming weeks, the giveaways will be grand and therefore, we figured that we should get things underway in a large fashion in hopes that you will embrace us, share what we are doing and if nothing else, enter to win some free shit… some of which will make you yearn with hope for a win, while one is just downright ridiculous, to the point that we should probably see a shrink before announcing the item(s) included.


It all began on Wednesday, with Warren Wednesday, through ________ Monday, 10/22/12 there will be a contest announced.


Each contest will recognize some of our most favorite guitarists. In most cases, names will coincide with days of the week. In one, it won’t, but the fact that we were celebrating guitarists overtook the desire to be cute… and any Honest Tune celebration of guitarists will always include the person whose name simply doesn’t fit with a day.


One word to the wise before beginning: READ EVERYTHING AND FOLLOW ALL CONTEST RULES in today’s contest, whether it be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Monday.


Each contest will have its own set of requirements for entry, with some being only slightly different and one being entirely different. So please, for your sake, pay attention to everything you fill out and/or complete all steps in regards to what you are asked to do in order for your entry to be valid*.


“Trey Anastasio”

Thursday | Day 2 of 5

For Warren Haynes Wednesday, click HERE



What you are playing for


1) One GRAND PRIZE winner will walk away with:


» One (1) new copy of the new Trey Anastasio album, Traveler.

» One (1) autographed Traveler promo lithograph.

» One (1) mp3 copy of Jennifer Hartswick‘s new album, Ocean Floor.

» One (1) copy of Van Ghost’s Domino Effect EP (CD) and two (2) T-shirts (sized XL & ladies S).


For anyone whose head may be in the clouds, Jennifer Hartswick is a member of Trey’s band and she kicks ass.

Van Ghost is:

  • Michael Harrison Berg – vocals, guitars
  • Jennifer Hartswick – vocals
  • Grant Tye – guitar
  • Greg Marsh – drums
  • Klem Hayes – bass


2) One first place winner will walk away with:


» One (1) new copy of the new Trey Anastasio album, Traveler.


An image gallery of the goods is towards the very bottom of this page…



How to enter


This is a social media contest***. Therefore, there will be 2 steps that you will have to complete so that your entry will be valid. There will also be an optional third step that will gain you a bonus entry, should you opt to fulfill that obligation.


1) Log into your Facebook and/or Twitter account(s)


2) Be sure that you are a “fan” of Honest Tune Magazine (NOT JUST A FRIEND OF HONEST TUNE) on Facebook and/or a “follower” of @HonestTuneMag on Twitter.



Honest Tune Magazine on Facebook



@HonestTuneMag on Twitter


3) Be sure that you are a fan* of Trey Anastasio, Jennifer Hartswick and Van Ghost on Facebook and/or a follower of @Trey Anastasio and @iamvanghost on Twitter.


*IMPORTANT: At last count, there were six Trey Anastasio “friend” pages and three “fan” pages on Facebook. Be sure that you are a fan of the page that is linked above. Further, being Jennifer Hartswick’s friend, in real life or on Facebook, is a beautiful thing. However, in this case it won’t amount to much. Please be sure that you are a “fan” of the page linked above. The same goes for Twitter, where there are several Trey pages as well.


4) This is probably the most important part of the entry process and definitely the most often incorrectly done art. In the past there have been times that we have been somewhat lax. However, in fairness to everyone, this will definitely not be one of those times because as you will see over the next five days, the stakes are too high for this series of contests for us to stray from the rules and regs.

Please carefully review the next two sections and complete one or both of them.


Section 1


â–º For Facebook users…


» Complete the following process….

☼ First, type the following as your status on Facebook: I just entered to win Trey Anastasio, Jennifer Hartswick and Van Ghost stuff from Honest Tune Magazine.

♫♪ Important: You must “tag” both Trey Anastasio, Jennifer Hartswick, Van Ghost and Honest Tune Magazine. To tag, simply place the “@” symbol in front of the pages as you type. (ex. @Warren Haynes)— DO NOT COPY AND PASTE and then just put the “@” sign in front of the names. It will not work. ♫♪

If you do this correctly, each page name will appear in blue text once published.

Need help with tagging? Click HERE for visual examples created specifically for this contest and other help from around the web.


☼ Second, copy this page’s URL from your address bar on your browser and paste what you have copied in status update that you began in step one.

♫♪ Want to see how all of this will look when you finish? Click HERE. ♫♪

Section two

â™  For Twitter users


» Tweet the following:

This week @honesttunemag is giving away some awesome stuff. Today’s goods from @treyanastasio Jen Hartswick & @iamvanghost | http://bit.ly/S47LkN | #Traveler


If you do this correctly, each page name mentioned will appear in blue text once tweeted (as shown in the image below)










Need more help with how to “mention” others (by placing the @symbol in fromt of their twitter name] or with Facebook tagging? Just want to be sure that you are doing it right? Click HERE.

5) Fill out the brief entry form below, or if you would prefer, head HERE to fill it out.


Rules & Eligibility


1) All of the entered names will be collected from the survey site and pasted into a computer generated random name picker. All of this will be videotaped so that nobody can cry foul. To see examples of us using this tool, click here. If we are lucky, maybe we will bump into Col. Bruce and get him to draw names out of a beer pitcher again.


2) The deadlines for entry for each days’ giveaways are as follows:

Wednesday, 10/17/12: Deadline- 10/24/12 at 11:59PM CST – Warren Wednesday

Thursday, 10/18/12: Deadline- 10/26/12 at 11:59PM CST

Friday, 10/19/12: Deadline- 10/27/12 at 11:59PM CST


3) For any contest that has tickets involved, such as Warren Wednesday did, the winner will be announced the following day. Other winners will be announced within 7 days from the entry deadline.



Eligibility requirements:


1) Only entries that conform to ALL of the specifications outlined in “How to Enter” will be considered.

2) No previous or current Honest Tune editor/staff may enter

3) Contributors (senior and otherwise) may enter.

4) Only one entry per person/ per “prize” will be allowed and IP Addresses are logged on the survey site.

5) Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and from within the continental United States.

6) All applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time of entry and may be required to prove age prior to prize being sent, particularly in cases when an album may contain explicit lyrics or when concert or festival tickets are being offered.




*** See Fine Print



Fine Print
This contest is solely the responsibility of Honest Tune and no purchase is necessary to win. Enrollment in any site is not mandatory, albeit preferred. In a case where a prospective entrant would like to enter without subscribing to a 3rd party site, he/she may send a postcard with information asked for in the official web entry form. ONLY postcards will be accepted and any envelopes will be discarded immediately upon receipt. In no case shall Honest Tune use any information provided by entrants to any second or third party. Information may only be kept for internal database and may be used for future emails directly and solely related to interest for which this site is categorized and only regarding interests expressed solely by Honest Tune. This contest is not affiliated with nor is it endorsed by any artist , band, group or venue featured or any other representatives, promoters, owners or management thereof. In each case, an agent of each has been notified of these proceedings as a courtesy, or in response to a promotional giveaway that may or may not be included in this offer. Odds of winning depend solely on number of entries. The winner will be contacted via his/her email address and must respond to the contact within 72 hours. If no response is received, it shall be deemed that winner wishes to forfeit his/her prize. All entries must be received from within the United States. Rules & eligibility requirements may be changed with or without notice within the first 72 hours of the contest’s launch. After 72 hours, any changes will be posted via Honest Tune’s Twitter or Facebook account. All entries must be submitted via the above listed criteria and Honest Tune reserves the right to disqualify entries based solely on its discretion and upon an entry’s lack of conformity to the standards outlined above. Postcards should be addressed exactly as follows: Contests c/o Honest Tune-Online 1 Independent Dr. Rainbow City, AL 35906. Prize Values will be listed within 60 days of contest closing due to the ongoing nature of this contest. Any questions regarding this contest should be directed to the the contact option on the Honest Tune Home Page.




Big Head Todd and the Monsters with Van Ghost, 3/12/12

Big Head Todd and the Monsters (with Van Ghost)
Soul Kitchen
Mobile, AL
March 12, 2012



With very little Azalea City history, Big Head Todd & his Monsters marched into Mobile, AL, the original home of the largest Mardi Gras celebrations, with Mobile and Alabama virgins, Van Ghost in tow.

Spring has definitely sprung in Mobile. With a high of 80 and sporadic showers, the damp air has already begun to develop into the dreaded thick and humidity riddled air of the summer season.

Taking the stage promptly at 8:00 PM, Chicago based Van Ghost attempted to take the weather into consideration by offering cool takes on their pop flavored Americana rock, but in short order, the quintet that is the brainchild of front man Michael Harrison Berg set the Soul Kitchen afire.Managing to fit in every number from their recently released EP, The Domino Effect, the direction of the musically stellar band has been clearly honed. This is a band that is primed to take on everything from Top 40 to a festival that caters to virtually any flavor, sans hip-hop or dub-step.

Highlighted by the ever present lyrical depth of Berg throughout the affair and the magnificent guitar work of Grant Tye, vocalist/trumpeter Jennifer Hartswick shone as bright as ever. Whether alternating leads with Berg on the title track, flying solo, harmonizing or trumpeting, she stood tall in the center — where she belongs — and owned the Kitchen throng who had become fully enthused by the “opening act.”

After a short break, Big Head Todd and the Monsters made their way to the stage. As they did, anyone who had witnessed the Van Ghost performance that wrapped twenty minutes previous had to be wondering if Todd and company were up to the challenge that had been presented by their stage predecessors. Soon enough, they would prove themselves as equals.

Wasting no time, the band launched into 2008’s “Cashbox.” One thing that was worth noting was that the tune’s signature floor tom drum roll intro was the initial indicator that the night would be plagued with percussive issues. On the positive side though, it also demonstrated that the relentless touring by Mohr (Big Head Todd) has not inflicted any noticeable strain on his vocal chords, his guttural croon as fresh as a tomato fresh from the garden.

Mohr would later explain his lack of experience in Alabama’s port city and expressed that he was “going to do [his] best to play [the audience’s] kind of music].” He was most successful with this when spreading on thick blues riffs in “Come on in My Kitchen,” the opening cut from his latest record (billed under the moniker “Big Head Blues Club”), 100 Years of Robert Johnson; and later with an extended blues infused take on the funk inspired title track from 1997’s Beautiful World.


Big Head Todd and the Monsters Setlist


Cashbox, Blue Sky, Conquistador, Come on in My Kitchen, Please Don’t Tell Her, Fortune Teller, Dirty Juice, Beautiful, Resignation Superman, Bittersweet, Cruel Fate, Beautiful World, Black Bee Hive, Broken Hearted Savior, It’s Alright, Muhammad Ali, Sister Sweetly, Rocksteady, Circle, Rattlesnake Blues, Sexy and I know it, Black Betty


Van Ghost Setlist


Return to Innocence, Domino Effect, Tangled and Dark, Burden, Cage, Fortune Teller, Drowning, Ease on Me, Modern Day Love Affari

Download The Domino Effect EP for free at www.VanGhost.com


Click the thumbnails to view photos from the show by David Shehi




Live, Backstage & Unplugged with Dawes & Van Ghost (Video)

Though often overlooked, each year Chicago Bluegrass and Bluegrass Festival is an event that is important to music. The Windy City is rich in musical heritage, the event celebrates just that.

Over the course of two weekends, the event spans two genres and on the second, it was time for that for which Chicago is most known, The Blues.

While on the scene at CBB part two, as part of our Live, Backstage & Unplugged series,  Honest Tune‘s Rex Thomson caught up with two of the slated acts for the day’s rather steeped lineup, up and coming Van Ghost and recent thriving success, Dawes.


Van Ghost is the brainchild of Michael Harrison Berg; and though Berg has spent the majority of his time in the music business on the promotion and management side of things, with Van Ghost, he and bandmates Jennifer Hartswick,  Grant Tye, Greg Marsh and what has become a standard sit in from Natalie Cressman, Van Ghost is a band to keep an eye on –with a new EP (The Effect) that is filled with lyrical integrity and sung with pure harmonies and unforced musicianship.


Dawes has risen to the masses at rapid speed and their ascent has been a pleasure to watch. It has been anything but surprising.


Behind front man Taylor Goldsmith, Dawes’ wistful sound is one that straddles genres from Americana to the blues and pure rock and roll. It is as equally suitable at a jam fest as it is at Coachella and many credit the band as being responsible for reviving the “Laurel Canyon sound,” the 70s term that was associated with acts like Fleetwood Mac and Jackson Browne — the latter of which accompanied Dawes to Zuccotti Park’s Occupy location in early December and is also on the band’s latest album.


With a second record under their belt, Nothing is Wrong, Dawes is reaching an ever-increasing legion. In late 2011, Honest Tune’s Josh Mintz wrote “[Nothing is Wrong is] a diverse batch of songs with a common thread running through them – the human spirit… with songs that cover nearly every emotion — love, loss, hope, despair…” when ranking the album at number one in his top album of 2011.


In short, and for need to get to the heart of the matter, Dawes — and others — are plenty of reason to put to rest the repeated “new rock & roll is dead” claims that seem to be the fad of the day.


In case it isn’t plain to see by now, we are completely stoked to present this edition of our beloved series. So sit back, relax, listen, watch and enjoy as Honest Tune exclusively presents Dawes & Van Ghost Live, Backstage and Unplugged.



Dawes: “Million Dollar Bill”

Live, Backstage and Unplugged

For more on Dawes, visit www.DawesTheBand.com


Van Ghost: “Modern Day Love Affair”

Live, Backstage & Unplugged

For more on Van Ghost, visit www.VanGhost.com




Van Ghost release new video for “Domino Effect”

Today, Van Ghost debuted the much anticipated video for the first single from the forthcoming LP, The Domino Effect.

Hailing from Chicago, Van Ghost was founded by Michael Berg, who spends the majority of his time promoting other acts. With tunes like this, as well as those from Van Ghost’s previous album, Melodies for Lovers, Berg may be finding himself spending a larger portion of his time on the other side of things in the very near future.

The title track song is chock full of hearty lyrics and immaculate production, that finds no band member owning the number; but rather coming across as a collective and well put together front.

Below is the video as well as a free listen to the first track from The Domino Effect and an Honest Tune interview with Berg and bandmate, Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band, Jennifer Hartswick Band) spliced with an acoustic offering of “Domino Effect,” recorded in early 2011.

In related news, Hartswick also just released her second studio album, Ocean Floor.


From www.VanGhost.com:

For nearly a decade Michael Harrison Berg of Van Ghost was a behind the scenes type of guy. Having poured his energy into his ventures as a concert promoter and band manager, little was left over for personal creative endeavors.

That all changed in 2007 when Berg’s close friends encouraged him to revisit the acoustic guitar he put down in his younger days and asked him to perform a song at their wedding. Melding the inspiration from the many talented bands he has worked with and his own passion for music, the singer returned to his roots. He began writing songs, drawing from his life experiences, creating a heartfelt and staggeringly honest perspective. After building up a solid repertoire of poppy folk ballads, gritty Americana tunes and classic rock laced jams, Berg called on his dear friend Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band), and they collectively assembled an all-star cast of musicians and named the project Van Ghost.

With an exquisite 5 piece band flavored with psychedelic guitars, an earth shattering rhythm section, & haunting guy/girl harmonies, the band played it’s debut show before a packed audience at Chicago’s revered Metro in January 2008. It was an auspicious beginning for one of world’s most promising new acts.

Following up their debut record, “Melodies For Lovers”, on Split Red Records, the band headed down to Nashville, TN to begin the tracking of their next release “The Domino Effect” for Dustimmoff Records (a start up label with Split Red owner Timm Martin & 8 time Grammy winning Producer/Engineer/Mixer Justin Niebank). With Justin Niebank at the helm the bands sound continues to develop and expand. Berg has established that he is as comfortable operating under the spotlight as he is behind the curtain. With Van Ghost, he sets out to inspire music fans the same as other artists have inspired him – one song at a time.


Van Ghost is:

  • Michael Harrison Berg  – vocals, guitars
  • Jennifer Hartswick – vocals
  • Grant Tye – guitar
  • Greg Marsh – drums
  • Klem Hayes – bass

Official Video: Van Ghost : “Domino Effect”

 An Honest Tune interview with Van Ghost’s Berg & Hartswick

(with acoustic performance of “Domino Effect”)




On the scene at Electric Forest with Van Ghost, REO, That 1 Guy & The Ragbirds (VIDEO)

_MG_1278.jpgIn 2008, the live music world stumbled upon Rothbury, MI’s Double JJ Resort, one of the most unique settings that the festival scene had ever witnessed. To the dismay of many, 2010 saw the site go by the wayside when it was announced that Rothbury Music Festival would be no more. However in 2011, the site and small town reopened its arms for a similar event with a different name, Electric Forest.

With The String Cheese Incident leading the bill, Electric Forest availed itself to the various and vast genres embraced by its hosts and the festival site once again saw a large pilgrimage of happy festival-goers to its coveted grounds.

Honest Tune’s Rex Thomson was on the scene (with a bottle of Woodford in tow) to take it all in and bought back interviews and scene coverage that is nothing short of spectacular and furthermore, has us all looking forward to Electric Forest 2012.




Honest Tune & Rex-A-Vision Present: On the scene at Electric Forest

For more on Van Ghost, log onto www.VanGhost.com

For more on REO Speedwagon, log onto www.Speedwagon.com

For more on That 1 Guy, log onto www.That1Guy.com

For more on The Ragbirds, log onto www.TheRagbirds.com