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Bombadil: Strangely Addictive

bombadil1.jpgLast November as the first snow of winter touched down outside, I was huddled upstairs at No Way Joses, a small bar in Baltimore, with Bryan Rahija (guitar), Daniel Michalak (bass), James Phillips (drums), and Stuart Robinson (keys) from Bombadil.  The four road-weary musicians from North Carolina, who had traveled from Pennsylvania during the day and spent the last thirty minutes navigating their way through the construction clogged streets of Federal Hill, were clearly enjoying the wintery blanket that was being lain down on the city streets.  I mentioned to them that this was the first snow of the winter in Baltimore, and guitarist Rahija seemed to light up at the thought.  He would later remark during their show that evening, at the intimately small Baltimore Chop, how our conversation about the snow was so comforting, because if he was back home in North Carolina this might have been the only snow of the year.

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