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Beale Street Music Festival announces 2017 lineup

This morning Memphis in May announced the line-up to the 2017 Beale Street Music Festival.

Held on the banks of the Mississippi River, headliners this year include a wide range of names, including Widespread Panic, Kings of Leon, Soundgarden, Snoop Dogg, Sturgill Simpson, Death Cab for Cutie, and MGMT. Continue reading Beale Street Music Festival announces 2017 lineup

VOODOO 2011: A New Orleans Experience

“New Orleans.”  To mutter her name conjures up many thoughts and emotions. She is many things.

She is the place of friendly, flamboyant, blissful action.

She is her people — who work and play together — that fuel her spirit and perpetuate her mystery. 

New Orleans is food-a-plenty; her belly spills over with delicious delicacies of deliberately spicy delights. While her dishes are often imitated elsewhere, the true taste of New Orleans can be found in its quaint houses that have been converted to restaurants as well as in its roadside bistros. 

The people, the food, the atmosphere — yes, New Orleans is many things. But above all, New Orleans is music.

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Stream: Chris Cornell’s new song from ‘Songbook’ album

Chris Cornell premiered his never-before-released track “Cleaning My Gun” from his upcoming solo acoustic live album, Songbook today via www.chriscornell.com. The track is the only new song on the album, which showcases the depth and breadth of Chris Cornell’s songwriting talents. Cornell is known for a career of prodigious contributions to music encompassing his time with iconic bands Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and Soundgarden. This newly released song encapsulates all of that rich musical history and showcases why Chris Cornell is a leading songwriter of his generation.

Stream “Cleaning My Gun” below.

The concept of putting out Songbook (UME) came out of strong fan demand after the Spring tour. Cornell wanted to honor the fans and their desire to have these songs stripped down, as well as to thank fans for their constant support, especially in response to his sold-out tour. He also used fan photography from that tour as the artwork for the album.

“My fans were pretty vocal, twittering and posting online, asking me to record the shows and put them out. So this album as a whole came from that, and I think we created something that really captured my tour and what I put out there each night,” said Cornell. “I’m happy to be able to give my fans back a little something extra special with this song.”

Songbook will be released on November 21st (UME) featuring songs recorded on the first Songbook tour as well as a few covers. Click here for a full track listing.

All fans who purchase their Songbook tour tickets online will receive a digital copy of the album with each transaction. In addition to being one of the most acclaimed voices in rock, he stands in a class of his own as a songwriter whose works have reached limitless audiences, the world over. Familiar songs emerge in a new context, showing that great songwriting translates to any idiom.

The fall tour begins on Tuesday, November 1st.

Chris Cornell – Cleaning My Gun by chriscornell