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Resonance Music & Arts Festival 2015

Resonance Music & Arts Festival 2015
9/24/15-9/26/15 at Legend Valley (Thornville, OH)
Featuring: Perpetual Groove, Nahk & Medicine for the People, Rising Appalachia, Tauk, The Main Squeeze, Keller Williams and more…


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Resonance 2015 Musicians (986)


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The last stand: Farewell to Perpetual Groove

Perpetual Groove
Georgia Theatre
Athens, Georgia
April 5, 2013

For many, Perpetual Groove is one-of-a-kind. From East Coast to West Coast and over to Japan, they have created a loyal following with no geographical barriers. Affectionately known as PGroove, they have molded a dedicated fan base with their willingness to be personable, and songwriting/musical abilities that create what can only be likened to a shared consciousness that leaps across age groups and gender.

Sadly, Friday, April 5, 2013, was their swan song – the start of the group’s hiatus due to guitarist Brock Butler’s need for a break to enhance his own health (Butler released a letter to all fans describing the reason for his departure.) The show was held at the heart and soul of PGroove’s territory, Athens, Ga, at the newly rebuilt Georgia Theatre.

pgroove1-AAfter the opening set by Ghost Owl – an electronica trio made up of  PGroove minus Brock Butler – the band was given a plaque listing the statistics of PGroove at GATH: 68 shows (44 sold out), 55,256 tickets sold, and 12,930 minutes of music. The band donated $20,000 dollars for a bathroom project – a.k.a. the shitter show. And June 19, 2009 – a PGroove show that never happened because GATH had a major fire that morning; the band generously donated another $7,332 for the employees after the fire.

Their final performance began with “Crowded Tub,” the lyrics of which could almost be interpreted as alluding to the hiatus. Butler, guitarist and vocalist, was very much in the moment, reminding many of the heart and soul he puts into his performances.

At the top of his game, Butler brought many to tears as he showed one last time how he is the master magician of the band – the wizard; he contributed most of the music and lyrics, and sung 90% of the lines. Albert Suttle, drummer and calm core, provided the steady, solid performance that fans have always appreciated. Adam Perry, bassist and energist, enjoyed the show as much as the audience did, and often one could read in his face that playing music on stage is where he belongs. Matt McDonald, keyboardist and returning member, supplied fans with sounds that brought forth an imagery unique to each individual.

This conclusive end to an era show in Athens brought in fans both new and old – from people who have seen 300 shows to those who had only been to a few. Hugs and tears were exchanged as the musicians on stage reminded us of why we came – to embrace the music and share the experience that is PGroove with friends that have become family.

After “Crowded Tub,” the band played one favorite after another, into “La Case Bien” and “Stealy Man.” “Walking In Place,” where the Reverend Butler usually goes into a monologue, evoked tears with his final speech; he mentioned that he couldn’t think of a finer group of people, and that he held the audience in the highest esteem. “Turn to your friend,” he said, “and then we’ll ask you again if it was alright.” Butler aluded to the fact that maybe they would be together again – as a band and a family – and every fan in that room agreed with that sentiment.

pgroove1-BPGroove delivered more favorites like “Speed Queen,” “Cairo,” “Robot Waltz,” and “Paper Dolls,” and many were grateful that the band broke their declaration of “no repeats” during the final four shows with the ultimate crowd pleaser, “Teakwood Betz.”

Fans raised their voices and sang along to the lyrics of “Three Weeks,” a song that features lyrics some fans may have linked to the way Butler must feel about the ending of the band he created: “I never had the thing I thought I had, the thing that made me think I had it made.”

The most intense part of “Three Weeks,” and for many the heaviest part of the show, came when Brock sang these lyrics from the same song, “I gave all I had, then they showed me the door.” It resonated deeply with many fans because the other members of PGroove are soldiering on without Butler – without a confident vocalist, capable guitarist, or soulful contributor.

The encore, “All My Friends,” had the audience arm in arm, embracing each other as the band performed its last notes for the time being. “Sweet Oblivious Antidote” brought many to tears with the lyrics, “burning so bright no one could see,” as folk were reminded of the band’s personal struggles and internal difficulties, and the reality that a huge chapter in the lives of the band and fans was coming to an end.

Perpetual Groove’s swan song was one of their best, and certainly most heartfelt, performances in recent years. A huge thank you to all that you have done for your fans, your family, and the community of PGroove and a very fond farewell.

Click on the thumbnail(s) to view photos from the show by Brad Kuntz…

PGroove kick off new year’s run tonight, map out winter tour

Perpetual Groove are proud to announce their “Ice Princess #9 Winter Strain 2.013” tour and the launch of a new website. PGroove will glide into the New Year with a string of shows throughout the Southeast and kick off New Year’s Eve in Atlanta, GA. January 2013 will find the group performing dates throughout the Gulf Coast states including Texas and gearing up for a busy year of cross country performances.

With the start of a New Year and plans for an increased touring schedule, the band is proud to invite fans to visit their newly redesigned website featuring a more interactive and social community for www.pgroove.com. On the new website, fans are invited to explore the site’s #pginstafan feature which allows photos to be submitted via Instagram. Fans can submit pics for a chance to win VIP tickets and the opportunity to become an official photographer for the night with exclusive access to the band.

After reuniting with original keyboardist Matt McDonald in early 2012 and hitting the road with new material and a cutting-edge light show, Perpetual Groove have enjoyed a busy and productive year. For 2013, PGroove will be adding “special acoustic” dates featuring the band in a stripped-down storytellers setting. “Special acoustic” sets include reworked versions of fan favorites and special covers. On the “Ice Princess #9” winter tour, the group’s January 27th date in San Marcos, TX will feature this exclusive arrangement.


Perpetual Groove Winter 2013 Tour Dates
12/28/12 – The Pour House – Charleston, SC
12/29/12 – Cox Capitol Theatre – Macon, GA
12/31/12 – Center Stage – Atlanta, GA
1/17/13 – SkyBar Cafe – Auburn, AL
1/18/13 – The Soul Kitchen – Mobile, AL
1/19/13 – Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL
1/20/13 – The Howlin’ Wolf – New Orleans, LA
1/21/13 – Brewsky’s – Hattiesburg, MS
1/24/13 – The Lyric – Oxford, MS
1/26/13 – Stubbs BBQ – Austin, TX
1/27/13 – Taxi’s (Special Acoustic Show) – San Marcos, TX
1/31/13 – The Rev Room – Little Rock, AR
2/2/13 – George’s Majestic Lounge – Fayetteville, AR
2/15/13 – AURA Music & Arts Festival – Live Oak, FL
2/22/13 – Lincoln Theatre – Raleigh, NC
2/23/13 – Asheville Music Hall – Asheville, NC

PGroove ready to roll this fall with “Fend For Your Life” tour


Perpetual Groove have unveiled the dates for their “Fend For Your Life” fall 2012 tour. Following a busy spring and festival season, the band hits the road with dates throughout the East Coast and Colorado, plus 2-night runs in Charleston, Boston and New York. In typical PGroove fashion, The Athens based band will take on Halloween with the utmost reverence when they hit up Baton Rouge with a “Heroes and Villains” theme event. (Previous years have ranged from a Karate Kid theme to an apocalyptic new world order theme that was set to the lunatic’s rantings in The Network and last year’s homage to Prince, coined PERPle Rain, amongst many others.

To close out the year, the band will once again ring in the New Year at Atlanta’s Center Stage. (check out Honest Tune coverage of PGroove, 12/31/11 HERE)

Earlier this year, PGroove reunited with original keyboardist Matt McDonald and embarked on a renewed era of live performances that saw a sold-out performance at the recently restored PGroove old fling, the Georgia Theatre, and a very successful installment of the band’s annual gathering, Amberland.

Though constantly evolving, their music always maintains a rock and roll attitude with driving momentum. They approach their sound with an energized voice synchronized with a newly designed light show. Perpetual Groove 2.0 is in effect.


For more information on Perpetual Groove or to purchase tickets to their fall shows, please visit http://www.pgroove.com/.


Perpetual Groove Fall Tour Dates


8/16                 The Lincoln Theatre  — Raleigh, NC

8/25                 Southern Brewers Fest — Chattanooga, TN

8/31                 The Handlebar — Greenville, SC

9/2                   Dark Star Jubilee — Legend Valley, OH

9/6                   The National — Richmond, VA

9/7                   Cat’s Cradle — Carrboro, NC

9/13                 GATA’S — Statesboro, NC

9/14                 The Pour House — Charleston, SC

9/15                 The Pour House — Charleston, SC

9/19                 Church — Boston, MA

9/20                 Church — Boston, MA

9/21                 Brooklyn Bowl — New York, NY

9/22                 Brooklyn Bowl — New York, NY

9/25                 Higher Ground — Burlington, VT

9/26                 Stage One — Fairfield, CT

9/27                 The Hamilton  — Washington, DC

9/28                 The Blockley  — Philadelphia, PA

9/29                 8×10 — Baltimore, MD

10/6                 Ziggy’s — Winston-Salem, NC

10/25               Jupiter Theatre — Tuscaloosa, AL

10/26               Workplay Theatre — Birmingham, AL

10/27               Majestic — Fayetteville, AR

10/31               The Varsity Theatre — Baton Rouge, LA

11/3                 Ciderhouse — Knoxville, TN


11/8-11/12       Bear Creek Music Festival      Live Oak, FL


11/15               The Georgia Theatre — Athens, GA

11/16               The Blind Tiger — Greensboro, NC

11/17               The Neighborhood Theatre — Charlotte, NC

11/29               Jannus Live — St. Petersburg, FL

11/30               The Culture Room — Ft. Lauderdale, FL

12/1                 The Freebird — Jacksonville, FL

12/6                 Three20South  — Breckenridge, CO

12/7                 The Fox Theatre — Boulder, CO

12/8                 The Bluebird Theatre — Denver, CO

12/31               Center Stage — Atlanta, GA


For more information on dates, venues, tickets and 53 More Things to Do in Zero Gravity, log on to http://www.pgroove.com/.



Weather, Vibe and Love are key in PGroove’s Amberland weekend

Memorial Day weekend means many things to many people. Within our nation, the day itself is of course known as the time when we officially honor the men and women of our armed services  that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of honor, freedom and country. It is a day when we are to express our gratitude for these fallen heroes that have provided the most easily recognized examples of commitment to duty and the greatest love: where one lays down his or her life for another.

Over the years, and in accordance with what all holidays do, Memorial Day has come to be a day that people across the country choose to spend in a variety of ways. For some, it simply means an extra day home from work that should be capitalized upon for much needed relaxation. For others, it is all about spending time with family, close and/or extended. For fans of Perpetual Groove who choose to attend the band’s annual three day event, Amberland, it is a combination of both.


With humble beginnings in a backyard as a barbecue, the same spirit from “way back when” holds true to this day.  Consciously choosing to not dub Amberland as a “music festival,” but rather as an event that more resembles an “ice cream social,” Perpetual Groove set the tone for what they envisioned in their event from its inception and have held onto it tightly. At Amberland, whether it is your first or fifth, there are no strangers, only smiles. In contrast to large multiple stage gatherings where people can become little more than mere obstacles that dot your path from one place to the next, in Amberland people are exactly as they always should be — fellow travelers in this journey of life, brothers and sisters from the same Mother…Earth.  Perpetual Groove are what all have in common and it is their provision of the weekend’s soundtrack that serves as the proverbial tie that binds the family of friends together.

Amberland is not something that Perpetual Groove take lightly. It is the place that they know will be populated with only their most devout following. For this reason, they want it to be special — their way of saying “thanks” for the support throughout the year. For example, in 2007, the band opted to give Amberland attendees the first listen to studio release, Live Love Die, via a  silent headphone event. Similarly, in 2009, the band played Heal in its entirety, live. In between, there was the not so great news in 2008 that the event would be dubbed “The Last Robot Waltz” and see the departure of founding member, keyboardist Matt McDonald. Then there was 2012.

After three years that saw the uncanny and amazing abilities of John Hruby provide ivory-tickling services, founding member, Matt McDonald retook the position that Hruby (who was on the scene for the entire Amberland weekend) so ably held down.

Though a double-edged sword of sorts, as many came into the PGroove fold during the Hruby era, one cannot help but feel the adrenaline shot that has come as a result of McDonald’s return that came in late 2011. It is as though things are exactly the way they were meant to be, a refreshing feeling after a mid-2010 and early 2011 that gave the all but certain feeling that Perpetual Groove’s decade together would end in each member going his separate way.

From a personal viewpoint, Brock Butler (vocals, guitar) looks like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders and healthier, Adam Perry smiles much more and Albert Suttle (drums)… well he is Albert, the same anchor that he has always been. As for Doogal (Matt), his enthusiasm and and energy will definitely cost him a keyboard by the end of 2012. Musically, the cohesion is back in a way that does not call any era to mind — they are tighter than ever.

In 2010 after singularly providing the music since the beginning, the four lads of PGroove decided that it was time to bring in some hired hands, bands that they felt would fit  the Amberland mold. This year’s nod went to Heavy Pets and Moon Taxi, both of whom provided a sonically diverse and downright delicious extra layer to the Lafayette, GA baked cake.


As for PGroove, their six sets were precisely played with highlights including:


>  “Only Always” that was book-ended by seamless segues out of and into a guitar driven “Mr. Transistor”

>  The take on “Andromeda” was like a walk down the sweetest memory lane.

>  An encored “Green Light Go” bust-out  (LTP 4/25/08) with it’s constructed build, intermittent distorted electronic interspersion and subtle release was a perfect reminder of exactly what McDonald brings back into the fold (as though a reminder was really needed) and served as a foreshadowing of what is yet to come.

>  The monstrous, trance inducing and downright scary “Sundog > Orange Wedge” that was percussion driven to the point that no matter where Butler or McDonald went, they always had a place to call home. The jam possessed such fluidity. Oddly enough, the tune most likely would have never been played had Butler not lost his fully worn voice four songs earlier.

The only drawback was that the fully instrumental final portion of the set (sans “TTFPJ”) — that included this highlight — most likely caused the deviation from traditional Amberland numbers, “Walking in Place” and/or “Macumba.”

>  “My Favorite Color” proved that PGroove still has the complete ability to create beautiful music and that Butler can still write smart and insightful lyrics that take the listener to places that he might normally shy away from. Plus, he can sing them in a manner that all that can happen during the daytime.


With another Memorial Day weekend having come and gone, so too has another installment of Amberland. For some, it was their first trip to “McDonald’s” since his return. For others, it was their first trip yet. For the rest of us, it was just more confirmation that Perpetual Groove is heading in the direction that they deserve. As for the perps (fans of PGroove), things at Amberland had never been better. The weather was blissful, but above and beyond that, it was Cheers on Earth: where everybody knew your name, even if they actually didn’t.

Yes, the solidarity from the stage through the trees was as ever-present as it ever has been; and perhaps even more. As leaders of the pack, PGroove demonstrated that brotherhood doesn’t die any more than Goonies do. This was best evidenced by the interplay between Matt and Hruby, who played and hung together just as they did when Hruby’s project was Guest and his PGroove affiliation came courtesy of his membership in Brock and Adam side project, The Ruins. After all, this was Amberland. It’s collective vibe and environment was bigger than ego. It was a family affair, but above all, it actually was the tagline that it has proudly bore for many moons — Amberland: A State of Mind.


PGroove Setlists

(Scroll down to view more photos)


PGroove and Friends Superjam – May 25, 2012


I: Bobblehead Funk, Drink Then Fill, Pumped Up Kicks, Blues Jam, I Know What I Know, The Thrill Is Gone, Can You Get To That > Sober


Click HERE to download this set.


Perpetual Groove – May 26, 2012


I: Life > My Favorite Color+, La Casa Bien, Tu Sevun, 53 More Things to do in Zero Gravity, Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes, Perihelion, Sweet Oblivious Antidote, Crowded Tub, For Now Forget*#

II: A Day the Way, Violet Fang, Green Tea, TSMM, Cabulo Monstrosity > God’s Gonna Cut You Down > Cabulo Monstrosity, Fend for Your Life+, Robot Waltz, Pepper*#

III: At the Screen*^, Million Dollar Bill@ (Dawes), Mr. Transistor > Only Always > Mr. Transistor, Two Shores, Three Weeks, Teakwood Betz, Andromeda, Green Light Go


Notes: + First time played — * w/John Hruby (former PGroove keyboardist)- Keys — # w/Matt on Guitar — ^ w/Mark Montrella- Bass — @ Brock Butler solo


Click HERE to download these sets (courtesy of Joel Hudson/JamLive.org)


Perpetual Groove – May 27, 2012


I:  Astro Monkey, The Devil May Care, Luthien and Beren, Suburban Speedball, Breeze, Crockett and Tubbs, Out Here, Decepticon Structure

II: Space Oddity%, Speed Queen%, Cairo, Playground > Echo > Playground, Holy Ship, Lemurs

III: The March of Gibbles Army, Man With all the Answers, Carry Me Home$, Mayday, Space Paranoids, Niggaz in Paris*, MOTA, Sundog > Orange Wedge

Encore: TTFPJ&*%=, Occams Blazer > and Everything


Notes: * w/John Hruby — % w/Jim Wuest of the Heavy Pets- Keys — $Brock’s voice officially dies for weekend — & w/Jeff Lloyd of the Heavy Pets- Guitar — = w/Gary Paulo of Under the Porch- Sax


Click HERE to download  these sets (courtesy of Joel Hudson / JamLive.org


Click the thumbnail(s) for more photos from Amberland

by Lance Bryant & David Shehi





Free Stuff Friday: Railroad Earth Tickets, Zigaboo’s drumstick, PGroove’s Amberland poster & Grace Potter’s new album…


For some reason, we have been slipping lately in the contest department. Well, consider today the day that we make up for our recent lapse.

Yep, today we have three things that are quite awesome to give to you, our loyal Honest Tune reading friends and family.Because it seems like a catchy phrase, we are officially deeming today “Free Stuff Friday,” but before you go patting us on the back for this unbelievable demonstration of creativity… let us never forget the days of 2011’s Free Festival Fridays, something that will soon repeat itself.


Free Stuff Friday!




What you are playing for…


1) One winner will walk away with two tickets to Railroad Earth’s show at The Fillmore in Charlotte on June 21, 2012*. 


  • It is no wonder that success has been no stranger to the band. With two festivals that they can now call their own (Music on the Mountaintop & Hangtown Halloween), this year, Honest Tune has already seen Railroad Earth on Jam Cruise and at the Superbowl, Hangout Fest and Wakarusa, not to mention several shows. Railroad Earth is one of America’s greatest bands playing today, plain and simple. They sing of our nation’s changing landscape and social ills with a commitment reminiscent of Woody Guthrie, while interpolating instrumental timbres that could have been pulled from Celtic or Cajun culture. And as anyone who has caught them live will attest, their concerts are imbued with the fire-in-the-belly passion of straight-ahead, blue collar rock & roll.   


2) One winner will walk away with an official event poster (designed by bassist, Adam Perry) from the 2012 installment of Perpetual Groove that is signed by the band.


    • Perpetual Groove is riding higher in 2012 than they have in quite some time. With the return of founding keyboardist, a rekindling has taken place that is audible in the music and even visible on the guys’ faces. But the truest test for any diehard Perp (fan of PGroove) is the band’s annual event, Amberland, the intimate four night camping event that takes over Lafayette, GA’s Cherokee Farms every year.  To say that the band passes would be like saying that Chong sort of liked bud. They were all aces, even managing to work in a couple of numbers that were fresh out of the box for many listeners’ ears.


2) One winner will walk away with a drumstick that was used in concert and signed by the legendary drummer from The Meters, Zigaboo Modeliste. 


  • Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste is one of, if not the most influential funk drummer of all time. Otherwise referred to as the Godfather of the Groove, his timeless style of play, known as “second line funk,” has been sampled by acts ranging from Digable Planets to the Beastie Boys. Having recorded with legends across all genres, Zig remains as relevant today as he was when The Meters first sprung onto the scene in the late sixties and early seventies when after one listen, Mick Jagger was so impressed with the outfit that he invited them to play on the Rolling Stones 1976-1977 World Tour. 


The drumstick up for grabs is a signature series Vic Firth 5A that was used in a live performance and autographed at a late night Jazz Fest gig.


3) One winner will walk away with a copy (CD) of Grace Potter & the Nocturnals’ forthcoming release, The Lion The Beast The Beat (due 6/12/12) and a signed 8×10 photograph, shot by Honest Tune’s very own David Shehi.


  • It is official… Grace Potter is a star, but that doesn’t mean that she and her Nocturnals are basking in the sun, chilling and waiting for the next royalty check to come in. For a woman like Grace, she couldn’t do that if she tried anyway. This is abundantly clear with her forthcoming LP, The Lion The Beast The Beat. Lyrically, she is as bold as ever and deeply personal. Opting to not tour on any of the material prior to deciding what would be on the finished product,  Grace says that “[the record] is not about selling albums, making people like them that didn’t like them before or bending expectations.” Rather, she says that it was more about “personal fulfillment” and “turning the page for themselves.”  The best part is that it worked… just as we all knew it would. Currently on tour with Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw with intermittent GPN headlining dates in between and Grand Point North fest in September, the sky is the limit for “our little Gracie Potter,” but knowing her, she at the band will reach it and keep on keeping on with a desire for an even higher altitude. As she puts it, that is “what great artists do.” Well, she is certainly one of those. 


How to Enter…


For the Railroad Earth tickets:

  • Click HERE and fill out the entry form.


For the Zigaboo drumstick:

  • Click HERE and fill out the entry form.


For the Grace Potter and the Nocturnals CD & autographed photo: 

  • Log into your Facebook account or your Twitter account
  • Head HERE and click “LIKE” or “RETWEET” the tweet that is below the video. For those that do not have Facebook or Twitter accounts, you may simply comment on the video by heading here.
  • Click HERE and fill out the entry form.


For the PGroove signed Amberland poster:

  • Log into your Facebook account or your Twitter account
  • Head HERE and click “LIKE” or “RETWEET” the tweet that is below the video. For those that do not have Facebook or Twitter accounts, you may simply comment on the video by heading here.
  • Click HERE and fill out the entry form.


Rules & Eligibility


How a winner will be chosen:

1) All of the entered names will be copied from the survey site and pasted into a computer generated random name picker. All of this will be videotaped so that nobody can cry foul. To see examples of us using this tool, click here. If we are lucky, maybe we will bump into Col. Bruce and get him to draw names out of a beer pitcher again.

2) The deadline for entry is Saturday, 6/16/12 at 11:59 PM CST

3) The Railroad Earth ticket winner will be announced the following day.Other winners will be announced within 7 days from the entry deadline.



Eligibility requirements:


1) Only entries that conform to the specifications outlined in “How to Enter” will be considered.

2) No previous or current Honest Tune editor/staff may enter

3) Contributors (senior and otherwise) may enter.

4) Only one entry per person/ per “prize” will be allowed and IP Addresses are logged on the survey site.

5) Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and from within the continental United States.





Fine Print
This contest is solely the responsibility of Honest Tune. It is not affiliated with nor is it endorsed by Zigaboo Modeliste, The Meters, Grace Potter, Hollywood Records, Railroad Earth, Perpetual Groove or any other representative thereof. They are aware of it and think it is rocking though! Odds of winning depend on number of entries. The winner will be contacted via his/her email address and must respond to the contact within 72 hours. All entries must be received from within the United States. Rules & eligibility requirements may be changed with or without notice within the first 72 hours of the contest’s launch. After 72 hours, any changes will be posted via Honest Tune’s Twitter or Facebook account. All entries must be submitted via the above listed criteria and Honest Tune reserves the right to disqualify entries based solely its discretion and upon an entry’s lack of conformity to the standards outlined above. Prize Values are Railroad Earth tickets: 40.00, Zigaboo sticks: 14.50 (plus value for the signature), Grace Potter CD and Photo: 18.95 (plus value for the signature). Any questions regarding this contest should be directed to the the contact option on the Honest Tune Hpme Page.


* Winner is responsible for all travel fees, hotels, parking expenses, etc. The winner will only receive complimentary entry to the Railroad Earth show at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC on 6/21/12. Name changes will not be allowed after 3PM CST on 6/17/12 (the day after the contest closes).




Looking forward to the Waka Weekend with PGroove: Live, Backstage & Unplugged

With festival season in full swing, folks from across the amber waves of grain and beyond are prepping to descend upon the remote Ozark, AR location known as Mulberry Mountain for the ninth installment of Wakarusa. With an eclectic lineup and the Waka Formula fully intact, fans can rest assured that the festival will once again go off without a hitch and the “waka waka waka” phrase (that never gets old over the anticipated weekends in Arkansas) will be yelled on high with an element of wonder that only attendees and previous attendees can fully understand.

This past weekend, Wakarusa vets and Perpetual Groove held their annual Memorial Day weekend “ice cream social” where state of mind reigns supreme, Amberland. While on the scene at the event that breathes “family reunion” much more than it does “festival,” front man Brock Butler and tickler of the PGroove ivories, Matt McDonald, sat down to play a few tunes — dedicating one to the forthcoming weekend. 

As an added bonus, Matt — who recently rejoined his Perpetual comrades after a multi-year hiatus — invited his much prettier half to join in on Ashtar Command’s “Deadman’s Gun” to add an always welcome female pitch to the selected tune’s harmonies.


So sit back, relax and enjoy as Honest Tune and GrooveStreet.TV look forward to Wakarusa with Perpetual Groove: Live, Backstage & Unplugged.  Oh, and if you haven’t already… head over to Wakarusa.com, make the purchase of tickets that you know you should and hit up the two sets of Perpetual Groove this Thursday and Friday evening.



Perpetual Groove: “Deadman’s Gun” Live, Backstage & Unplugged




Perpetual Groove, 3/24/12

Perpetual Groove
Brooklyn Bowl
New York City, NY
March 24, 2012



As Perpetual Groove continues to roll along in their efforts to make the 2.012 era the most revered in the band’s turbulent eleven year history, they made their first trip to the Northeast since founding member, Matt McDonald, returned to his seat behind the ivories following the departure of his successor, John Hruby.

As part of the run, the Athens quartet (guitarist/vocalist Brock Butler, bassist Adam Perry, drummer Albert Suttle and the aforementioned McDonald) stopped in at the venue for bands with improvisational leanings who are in the area, the Brooklyn Bowl.

Demonstrating exactly why he is such an asset to the band, McDonald and his PGroove partners took songs of both old and new to new places for fans who acquired a taste during the John Hruby era and to both old and new places for those who have been around since the days when McDonald was as much in front of the PGroove sound as front man, Brock Butler.

Though not at capacity, the always fully devoted PGroove was overcome with excitement as many were seeing the original four on stage together for the first time ever, or for the first time in nearly four years.

With a catalogue spanning and very improv-heavy two set show  (that included a debuted tune), Perpetual Groove again demonstrated that they are very capable of accomplishing their 2.012 goal in a year that could have very well been one in which the band had been forced to make some tough choices under a different set of circumstances.

Instead, they have their sights set on festival appearances at events such as Wakarusa and of course, their very own annual event, Amberland, in Lafayette, GA.




I: Holy Ship, Speed Queen, Pepper, Stealy Man>Lemurs
II: Mr. Transistor, Man With All the Answers, TTFPJ, Robot Waltz,
Encore: A Little Bit of Everything*, Only Always

NOTES: * First Time Played. Dedicated to Chris and Audi Cartelli


Click HERE to download an audience recording of this show (STREAM it below)


Click the thumbnail(s) to view photos from the show by Vernon Webb

(Vernon’s Photography on Facebook)




Perpetual Groove’s Amberland turns 11 in May


Perpetual Groove will celebrate Amberland XI Music and Arts Festival, their annual Memorial Day weekend festival, on May 25th – 27th, 2012. The three-day event returns to Cherokee Farms in LaFayette, GA. Festival hosts Perpetual Groove headline the weekend with additional performances from some of their favorite artists including Moon Taxi, The Heavy Pets, Consider the Source, and Under the Porch.


“It started off as a backyard party,” explains guitarist and lead vocalist Brock Butler, “and we take pride in maintaining that original enthusiasm and preserving the intimacy that makes it so special. Amberland fans take this time every year not only to enjoy the music, but also to reunite with friends and family.”


Camaraderie and good humor guide Perpetual Groove to create some of the unique festival activities that their fans have grown to love. This year, attendees are invited to dress in costume for each of the festival’s theme nights as well as take part in Amberland’s inaugural “Perpin’ and Potluck” festivity on Saturday night. Following tradition since the very first festival, Brock Butler will perform a two-hour Sunday morning acoustic set known as Brockfast. And to keep the mind, body and spirit aligned, Amberland XI offers Saturday and Sunday morning yoga sessions.


Tickets to Amberland XI are available online for $75 plus service fees through the Amberland website and Eventbrite ticketing service at http://amberland2012-eblast.eventbrite.com/. Passes include three days of music, activities, tent camping, shaded areas, showers, food vendors and a general store.


Amberland will celebrate its 11th annual event with the return of keyboardist Matt McDonald, who took a hiatus from the band in 2008 to focus on his growing family. Matt’s return signals a new era for the collective whose musical improvisation skills are defining element in their compositions. Pulling from jazz, neo-psychedelia, electronica, RnB and progressive rock, PGroove (as their fans affectionately refer to them) are a highly proficient group of musicians that fluidly lead their audiences through various moods and genres.

For more information on Amberland XI, or to purchase tickets, please visit the website: http://www.amberlandfestival.com/



On the Jam Cruise Scene with Keller, Anders, Col. Bruce, PGroove, 7 Walkers, Railroad Earth & John Oates

Over the years, we at Honest Tune have tried repeatedly to depict what happens year after year on the Cloud 9 annual adventure, Jam Cruise. We have shown photos, written lengthy reviews, gotten Grace Potter to tell sordid tales, and Greensky Bluegrass to admit to making a sprint out of a marathon. Yes, there is nothing quite like the boat.

Even with all of these previous attempts, we are back again. This time, with more photos (in addition to the photos that came out a couple of weeks ago) as well as a video with interview snippets from Col. Bruce, Keller Williams, Perpetual Groove’s Adam Perry and Albert Suttle, Papa Mali, Bill Kreutzmann, Railroad Earth & virgin cruiser, John Oates.

Intermingled with scene footage taken while aboard the ship as well a portion of an an exclusive acoustic performance of “Summertime in New Orleans” by Anders Osborne and a beautiful Irish folk violin outro provided by Tim Carbone, if this doesn’t bait you out to the high seas next Jam-uary, nothing will. So… if you were there, relive the experience. If you weren’t, watch and get your booty on the boat in 2013!   



Jam Cruise scene

w/ Keller, Col. Bruce, PGroove,

7 Walkers, Oates, Railroad Earth & Anders Osborne

(Be sure & scroll down for photos from Zach Mahone)


For more on Anders Osborne: http://www.andersosborne.com

For more on Perpetual Groove: http://www.pgrooove.com
For more on the 7 Walkers: http://www.7walkers.com

For more on John Oates: http://www.johnoates.com
For more on Railroad Earth: http://www.railroadearth.com

For more on Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret.: http://www/colbruce.com
For more on Keller Williams: http://www.kellerwilliams.net


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