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Live, Backstage & Unplugged with PGroove’s Brock Butler: A Trilogy of Tunes (Video)

If there is something that the world can never have too many of, it is brilliant songwriters. By its very essence, the poetic pen of a songwriter takes the vast landscape of personal emotions that are based upon thoughts or circumstances and provides a sweeping and boundary defying humanness to these. In so doing, he takes his thoughts to a place of transcendence — where others can listen, identify and share. To possess this ability goes beyond the ability to shred or melt faces, and while Perpetual Groove‘s Brock Butler is apt to do the latter on any given night, it is his ability as a lyricist that truly sets him apart as a unique and increasingly rare talent.

While in Huntsville, Butler sat down with Honest Tune to play a recent trilogy of songs that he had written and give a brief but personal glimpse into the situation and feelings from which the songs were spawned. 

The trilogy takes its listener from turmoil and loss to healing and redemption in approximately 20 minutes… and it is a beautiful journey. 

So sit back, relax, listen, watch and introspect as Honest Tune exclusively brings you Brock Butler: Live, Backstage & Unplugged, a Trilogy.    


Brock Butler: Live, Backstage & Unplugged, A Trilogy (Part I)

Brock Butler: Live, Backstage & Unplugged, A Trilogy (Part II)

Brock Butler: Live, Backstage & Unplugged, A Trilogy (Part III)


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Yonder Mountain String Band: Live, Backstage and Unplugged (Video)

A few weeks ago, Yonder Mountain String Band hosted Harvest Festival on Mulberry Mountain. For the second year in a row, the event bore name of the Nederland, CO native quartet. Just in case anyone was in doubt of the outfit’s worthiness to such acclaim, Yonder proved it beyond any expectations by  sitting in with more bands than it would be prudent to name while also performing two three hour sets of their own. In short, to say that Jeff Austin, Adam Aijala, Ben Kauffman and Dave Johnston “had a busy weekend” would be quite the understatement.

In spite of their schedule, the four guys took time to sit down with Rex Thomson for an extended interview — to be released soon — and this, an acoustic serving of the Grateful Dead’s “They Love Each Other.” So sit back, relax, listen, watch and enjoy as Honest Tune exclusively presents Yonder Mountain String Band: Live, Backstage and Unplugged.


Yonder Mountain String Band: “They Love Each Other”

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Zach Deputy : Backstage & Unplugged at All Good Music Festival (VIDEO)

zach deputy12.jpgIn the world of one man bands, Zach Deputy has set himself apart from his competition. He has not done so through gimmicks or other trivial means. Rather, he has done so through honest – though sometimes hilarious – songwriting, funky sincerity in delivery and a discreet vocal prowess that is reminiscent of a blended Ray Charles/Aaron Neville milkshake.

A large mammal, Deputy has the stature of an offensive lineman with the demeanor and overall affect of a teddy bear. It is the latter that takes precedence in his music and also what makes him a guy to which one can be easily drawn.

While on the scene at All Good, Honest Tune’s David Shehi and Rex Thomson got Deputy out from behind his stage contraption and into his backstage tent with nothing but his acoustic guitar and voice for a soulful helping of “Dr. Doctor.”

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Gary Clark, Jr. : “Bright Lights” Live and Unplugged at Caravan (VIDEO)


The music world can, at times, be filled with a disproportionate level of monotony. Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard one searches, he simply cannot find anything that is bold and fresh. But even when this is the case, those of us who eat, sleep and breathe music know that we will never give up in our quest for that sound.

It is usually during the quest that something happens like what happened a few weeks back when we stumbled into the magic that is Gary Clark, Jr., when covering the Bonnaroo Buzz tour in Louisville.

Witnessing Clark in Louisville was like watching a man who was dying into his music. With every vocal or six-stringed note, blues and soul oozed out of him just like the sweat from his brow that was rolling down his neck before eventually spilling onto the stage during momentous intensity. Though thoughts of Hendrix fleeted, they were immediately supplanted by the fact that what was going on was entirely original.

With a new EP set for release in August (Bright Lights on Warner Bros.) and the fact that we knew that we would be making his acquaintance again at Dave Matthews Band Caravan in Chicago, there was only one thing left to do… ask him to play for exclusively for us and you, our readers and Honest Tune family.  He obliged.

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Perpetual Groove: A look backward and forward on New Year’s Eve

pgint.jpgNo matter how it is sliced, 10 years is no drop in the time bucket. It is hard to believe that Perpetual Groove has been putting forth their brand of “trance arena rock” since the early Dubya days; when Katrina was just the name of some gal who always sat on the front row of fifth period math class.

Much has changed in the world since then, as it has in both the individual and collective band lives of these Athens-based lads though several things have remained true through it all: the fan base is committed, the musicianship is solid, and the camaraderie is steadfast.

With a new year upon us, PGroove took the time to reflect on both personal and professional times past, present, and hopes for the future.

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