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Dopa-Blog: The Road Journal of Dopapod – #5, “Flying,” Dirty Hotels, and Michigan

As Dopapod hits the road in anticipation of their upcoming album, Never Odd or Even, (due out November 11), they have agreed to be our eyes and ears on the front-line of Rock-n-Roll and report to Honest Tune about what life on the road is really like for a touring band.  The band will periodically be checking in and delivering their thoughts and musings from the road.  This time around Rob Compa comes to us after finishing a run of shows through the Midwest.



15423570792_6219bf1c92_oAhoy!!! Ahoy… Did you guys know that the term “Ahoy” was the word that Alexander Graham Bell (ya know that old dead dude that invented the telephone) originally wanted use as the universal greeting when someone picked up the phone? Apparently Thomas Edison (that other dead guy) changed it to the hello that we know and love today. I just learned that today. I always thought that was just some shit pirates or sailors said to each other. Whadya know?


Alright, on to business.


After leaving the beautiful state of Colorado, we headed to Omaha Nebraska for a Tuesday show at The Waiting Room. The show started off fine, but a couple minutes into the second tune Eli and I completely lost power on stage. After years of playing shows, I’ve learned that the worst thing you can do in situation like that is stop having fun. You just have to roll with it and take whatever the rock gods throw your way. That being said, I had a hard time shaking my frustration for the next couple tunes. I finally was brought out of my funk when we brought Matt from Tauk up to play some guitar on one of our newer songs, “Dracula’s Monk.” I had a great time playing music with him, and it was definitely the highlight of my night.

The next day we headed to The Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS. Early in the day, I settled down to restring my guitar and watch the Orioles and Royals ALCS game. I was an Orioles fan when I was a kid, so it would’ve been cool to see them win, but I also enjoy rooting for the underdog, so I was happy to see the Royals win. Very cool. {editor’s note: The Honest Tune editor of this piece is from Baltimore and does not find this very cool.} As for the rest of my day, I can’t really say that anything else too noteworthy happened. The show was a good time, for sure, but after so many shows I can’t necessarily remember details from every single one.


We arrived in St. Louis on Thursday to discover that 13 bands had had their trailers broken into just that month in that same neighborhood. Yikes! That’s not exactly news we’re happy to get. Anyway, we appreciated the heads up and took some extra precautions. Before show time, I got some chicken and vegetable Tikka Masala that totally blew my mind. Best meal I’ve had this tour. The show went well and I personally felt really good about my playing that night. I felt like I had a lot to say and my hands were letting me say it.


15420739531_b171874a07_oBecause of all the theft problems in St. Louis, we drove for a couple hours to get out of town. By the time we got to the hotel, it was somewhere around 5 AM. As Luke (our lighting designer) and I walked into our hotel room to finally get some Z’s, we discovered that our bed had been slept in, and our toilet was filled with old shit and it wouldn’t flush. I personally would’ve preferred a mint on my pillow or something. Well anyways, we quickly got a new room and got what sleep we could manage.


We all woke up the next morning needing way, way more sleep than we had actually gotten, which isn’t at all abnormal. We arrived in Chicago the next morning fatigued, but stoked to play one of our favorite cities. The set contained some really great improvising. We even found ourselves playing an impromptu covers of “Flying” by the Beatles and “Brain Stew” by Green Day. Ya gotta love finding yourself in some cover that you’ve never played or talked about before, just via improvisation. We had a great time.

The next day was a little bittersweet for us because our long time manager, Jason Gibbs, flew out that morning to finally get off the road with us and become our, well, just plain manager -that means not touring with us anymore. I’m gonna miss my Pep Pep. He’s a good Pep Pep and I’ll miss sitting on his lap and hearing whimsical bed time stories about settlement, back end deals, and radius clauses. But luckily, our buddy Aaron Hagele took over the duties of road management, and has since then been doing a great job for us. Thanks Aaron!


I arrived to the Mousetrap in Indianapolis filled with excitement, not because of the show so much as the anticipation of eating the delicious beef stew that the venue regularly serves. I look forward to it every time we tour in the Midwest. The Mousetrap is a tiny little place, but the crowd there always goes nuts, which we just love. This time was no different. It felt great to play our songs and see people singing the words along with us, and it made our day to start a song and see people in the crowd cheer with glee because they got to hear the one song they were hoping we would play. We even had one dude crowd surfing! Good times.


Grand-Rapids-MIAnd finally, we ended our run in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the Stache. After our sound check, we all headed to the Founders Brewery down the street to grab a bite and try some good beer. Gotta love Michigan’s abundance of beer. The show was a good time, but that old feeling of playing the sixth show in row was definitely apparent to all four of us, so the next two days were spent at our good friends Rick and Pam VandeKerkhoff in Rockford. We make sure to spend a few days with Rick and Pam every time we’re in town. They’re the parents of one of our good friends from Berklee, Kyle, and they’re two of the coolest people on the planet. We’ve spent the last two days filling our bellies with beer, whiskey, chorizo strata, seven layer dip, and meatloaf sandwiches. It just doesn’t get any better.


Anyhow, that concludes our journey for now! Tomorrow we’ll embark on three shows with one of our favorite bands, Umphrey’s Mcgee, so I’m sure I’ll have some good road stories for all of you lovely folks. Later!

Dopa-Blog: The Road Journal of Dopapod – #1, From New Haven to Toronto with Garbage Plates In-Between

As Dopapod hits the road in anticipation of their upcoming album, Never Odd or Even, (due out November 11), they have agreed to be our eyes and ears on the front-line of Rock-n-Roll and report to Honest Tune about what life on the road is really like for a touring band.  The band will periodically be checking in and delivering their thoughts and musings from the road.  In this installment guitarist Rob Compa explores the highs and lows of shows from New Haven to Toronto and the glory that is a Rochester Garbage Plate. 










Hey there everybody! I’m gonna come right out of the gate here and give all of you a disclaimer: I’m not actually totally sure what a blog is. I get the impression that it’s more or less a public journal entry. But I’m always looking for something to help pass the time in the van, and this ought to pass a whole lot of it. If anyone actually goes out of their way to read it, then good for you. And if not, then at least I killed a little time. I apologize for whatever grammatical errors might be lurking in the following paragraphs, but hey, I’d rather it be honest than be perfect.



So where do I begin??? Well for starters, we’re three shows into fall tour, which started off with a bang right out of the gate. We started out at Toad’s Place in New Haven, Connecticut with our good buddies and one of our favorite bands, Consider the Source. Our good friend Adrian Tramontano from Kung Fu came out and played percussion with us for the whole show. During the encore, Chuck and I both had Adrian play some guitar and bass, which he just slaughtered. What an amazing musician. And I got to play a little bass, which is always a fun time for me. And he really took the music to a new place. Lots of tours start off with one or two “dust of the cobwebs” shows, so when the first show in is as exciting and fun for us as the Toad’s show was, that’s a good sign for how the rest of tour is gonna go.

Higher Ground The next day brought us to Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont. Burlington is easily one of our favorite cities to play in, and Higher Ground is one of the coolest, most hospitable venues in the country. We were especially psyched because Adrian had such a great time with us that he decided to cancel a couple other gigs and drive out to the next two nights to play with us again. It meant the world to us that such a great dude and amazing musician went out of his way just so he could play some more music with us. The show went great, minus a slightly embarrassing moment during my guitar solo in “Upside of Down” when I broke a string on my guitar. Normally I’d just play through a broken string, but I was using my solid-body PRS, which has a really sensitive whammy bar, so when I broke my string, all the other strings went completely out of tune. But shit happens, and the best you can do is laugh about it.

The next day we played at Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs. My dad and a few family friends made the trip out, which really Putnam Denmade my night. He’s a retired drug counselor, and anyone who’s ever been to a Dopapod show knows that the audience is not without it’s debauchery and other various shenanigans on any given night, so it always gives me a chuckle to see what kinds of characters he runs into when he comes out to a show. Despite that, though, it always feels good to have the guy who bought me my first guitar and showed me the first chords I ever learned in the room cheering us on. And my Dad was especially tickled when a fan asked him to autograph his poster. Rock on, Dad.


garbage-plate-300x202After a couple days off, we all met up in my hometown of Rochester, NY and crashed at my parents’ place. We all went out for a few drinks and then got the idea to fill our bellies with a Rochester tradition: garbage plates. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, lemme give you the lowdown; A Styrofoam takeout box, with one half filled with macaroni salad, and the other filled with home fries (you can also swap either of those out for French fries or baked beans). Then you put either 2 cheeseburgers or 2 hotdogs on top of that, cover it in Chili, ketchup, mustard, and diced onions. Then you eat all of it. Then you go to bed. Then you wake up. And then you feel bad about it. Then you kind of want another one. It’s glorious. Lemme tell ya, if you’re ever in Rochester and want to do something totally irresponsible to your body, get a garbage plate.


So that brings us to now. I’m sitting here in the van, chugging some coffee. We’re headed to Toronto today, which should be cool. I haven’t been to Toronto since I was in the 7th grade, when I went there on a field trip to see Phantom of the Opera at Pantages Theatre. Maybe we should tease some tunes from that show… Andrew Lloyd Webber writes some pretty badass shit! We’ll see…

Anyhow, I’m officially out of stuff to talk about out, so until next time! Take it easy, everybody!

Dopapod Releases Fourth Studio Album – Offers Free Digital Downloads, and announces Fall Tour

dopapod coverDopapod is thrilled to announce the independent release of their next full-length record Never Odd Or Even, dropping November 11.  So that all can hear the latest effort, the band is now offering signups to access free digital downloads of the disc upon its release.  To get a copy, fans can visit the band’s official website at www.dopapod.com and sign up on the email list to be sent a link to download a free digital version of the album the day of its release on 11/11.  While at the site, fans can stream the debut track, ‘Picture in Picture’, and pre-order special merchandise bundles including lossless digital versions, physical copies of the CD, and more.

The band’s fourth album is the quartet’s most fully realized work to date as the new songs embody the energy and cohesion the members of Dopapod have developed from playing live as well as an increasing comfort and familiarity while in the studio.

The band will celebrate the release of Never Odd or Even with “CD release show happenings” November 21 in New York City and the following day in Philadelphia.






Dopapod Tour Dates:

Sep 30   West Toronto, Ontario  Lee’s Palace


Oct 1   Hamilton, Ontario               Corktown Pub

Oct 2   Rochester, NY      Water Street Music Hall

Oct 3   Morgantown, WV              123 Pleasant Street

Oct 4   Pataskala, OH       Resonance Fest

Oct 5   Urbana, IL              Canopy Club

Oct 7   Columbia, MO      Mojos

Oct 9   Fort Collins, CO    Hodi’s Half Note

Oct 10   Denver, CO         Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Oct 11   Denver, CO         Cervantes Other Side

Oct 14   Omaha, NE          The Waiting Room

Oct 15   Lawrence, KS     Bottleneck

Oct 16   St. Louis, MO      The Gramophone

Oct 17   Chicago, IL           Double Door

Oct 18   Indianapolis, IN The Mousetrap

Oct 19   Grand Rapids, MI             The Stache

Oct 22   Cleveland, OH    House of Blues – Cleveland

Oct 23   Niagara Falls, NY               Rapids Theatre

Oct 24   Pittsburgh, PA   Stage AE

Oct 25   Providence RI    The Spot Underground

Oct 26   Providence RI    The Spot Underground

Oct 29   Binghamton, NY                Forum Theatre

Oct 30   Wilkes-Barre, PA              F.M. Kirby Center

Oct 31   Boston, MA        House of Blues – Boston


Nov 1   Oneonta, NY       Oneonta Theatre

Nov 2   Pomfret CT          Tyrone Farm

Nov 4   Columbus, OH    Park Street Saloon

Nov 5   Pontiac, MI          Crofoot Ballroom – Pike Room

Nov 6   Kalamazoo, MI   Bells Eccentric Café Back Room

Nov 7   Madison, WI        Orpheum Theater

Nov 8   Minneapolis, MN              7th St Entry

Nov 9   Iowa City, IA        Gabe’s

Nov 21   New York, NY   The Gramercy Theatre

Nov 22   Philadelphia, PA              District N9NE


Dec 2   Richmond, VA     The Broadberry

Dec 3   Wilmington, NC  Ziggy’s By the Sea

Dec 4   Charleston, SC     The Pour House

Dec 5   Athens GA            New Earth Music Hall

Dec 6   Atlanta, GA           Terminal West

Dec 7   Birmingham, AL  WorkPlay Theatre

Dec 9   Lexington, KY       Cosmic Charlies

Dec 10   Chattanooga, TN              Rhythm & Brews

Dec 11   Asheville, NC     New Mountain Theatre

Dec 12   Charlotte, NC    Chop Shop

Dec 13   Raleigh, NC         Southland Ballroom

Dec 14   Vienna, VA         Jammin’ Java