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Caleb Stine – Moon

Caleb Stine – Moon

Writer: Tim Newby

Caleb Stine is a songwriter of powerful dimensions who does not simply write songs and make albums, instead he creates experiences through his music that spring to life through his commanding voice that channels the heart of each character that inhabit his songs.  The stories that exist in his songs run the full gamut of emotion from joy, to sorrow, to curiosity, to elation.  Listening to one of Stine’s albums is a complete emotional journey, an experience beyond simply listening to music.

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The Bridge reunite for special show to support the Believe in Music foundation



After ten years of touring nationally and internationally with The Bridge, Kenny Liner says he has decided to hang up his mandolin and give back to the city he loves through the development of his foundation Believe in Music.  

Believe in Music is a non-profit organization whose aim is to uplift underprivileged Baltimore City students academically, culturally and spiritually. Their mission is to promote self-expression and community awareness through music education. Students will foster a deep connection with music in their own lives, and gain the tools to be able express their culture, struggles and triumphs through music. They will come away from the program seeing music as a way to uplift themselves as well as their community.

Liner’s former band mates in The Bridge will come together for a special reunion show to help raise money for Believe in Music.   As part of the celebration of Baltimore Beer Week, The Maryland Science Center will present a night of incredible music October 27 as The Bridge will reunite for one evening only.  In addition to two full sets from The Bridge, there will be opening sets from Caleb Stine, DJ Who, and Cirque Oya.  There will also be rooftop lounges with DJ sets, a showing of the IMAX movie Hubble 3D, and the Science Center’s exhibits will be remain open throughout the evening.  Beers from the Flying Dog Brewery, Maryland’s largest brewery, will be proudly served.


October 27 – Maryland Science Center

The Bridge (2 Sets)

Caleb Stine, DJ Who, and Cirque Oya


Tickets can be purchased here http://www.missiontix.com/thebridge


Believe in Music is working in partnership with Living Classrooms, a non- profit that has provided innovative educational and job-training programs for youth and young adults in high-risk environments since 1985.  Through Living Classrooms, Believe in Music will hold classes in two youth centers in East Baltimore – the Carmelo Anthony Youth Development Center, which serves kids from six nearby public housing complexes, and The Power House, which serves the youth of Perkins Homes, Baltimore’s largest public housing complex.

The program, which is based on Maryland’s state music education curriculum, runs classes and is intended for students in the elementary and middle school age range, but can be adapted to any age level.  Students will gain a worldview of the musical landscape and learn how to write, perform and record music using non-traditional instruments and rhythmic patterns.

Music will be studied as a creative outlet through its cultural history and context. Students will learn about how music reflects life in Baltimore and beyond, music’s connection to dance, theater and visual arts, and how music functions as an art form and essential part of life around the world.

In addition to gaining a musical worldview, students will learn how to compose, record and perform songs by themselves or with an ensemble. Although none of these skills will require reading music or traditional instruments, students will even learn about improvisation and technology’s ever-changing role in music. The program will also expose students to different careers in music and how they can be creatively fulfilling while also benefitting their community.


To make a donation to Believe in Music, please visit here http://www.livingclassrooms.org/news/believeinmusic


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The Bridge & National Bohemian: Funky Little Moments




Words by Tim Newby/ photos by Jordan August

“This sounds good. How can we fuck it up,” remembers Bridge guitarist Cris Jacobs being asked by legendary producer Steve Berlin during the recording of their latest album, National Bohemian, which was helmed by Berlin.

Jacobs’ longtime band mate, mandolinist Kenny Liner elaborates, “Steve’s whole attitude is you have heard everything before, so let’s try something you haven’t heard, and that is such an amazingly cool attitude to have as a band going in to record an album.”

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Caleb Stine – Music is Life

By: Tim Newby / Photos by: Tim Newby

047A glass of whiskey sat in front of me, directly next to it a typewriter with a blank sheet of paper loaded into the carriage.   Try it out, implored Baltimore singer/songwriter Caleb Stine.

The typewriter sat on the table in Stine’s kitchen and he had just finished telling me how, in a very Dylan-esque way, he likes to type out all of the lyrics to his songs. He explained, “When it is typed it is real, it is much easier to see what lines work in each song. It is like having a demo recording”.

Following his advice I began to type.  Despite the nonsensical sentences I put on the paper, the clacking of typewriter keys is a distinct sound, one long forgotten with the comparatively silent sound that emits from computer keyboards. And this intoxicating sound soon got me into the steady rhythm of writing.  While I was typing away, Stine grabbed his guitar and took the seat across the table from me.

When my typing slowed, he announced, “Here is the new one.”


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The Bridge: Singing Like the Early Morning Sun

By: Tim Newby

Photos By: Sam Friedman



“You have to baby pick it,” says producer Chris Bentley.

“I thought I was,” the voice of Kenny Liner, mandolinst for the Bridge, comes over the speakers in the control room.  The frustration is clear in his voice.

 It is an unseasonably hot day in late March, but The Bridge – as they have most of the month – is holed up at the bottom of a non-descript white building located just outside the Baltimore City limits in Cockeysville, Maryland.  The building houses Bunker Recording Studio, the band’s studio of choice and where they have recorded all of their previous albums and are currently working on their new album, Blind Man’s Hill, due out October 21.

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