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Springfest 2012: Live, Backstage & Unplugged, part I with Elephant Revival, Emmitt-Nershi & The Mosier Brothers (VIDEO)

There is something about the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park that causes music to reign supreme at the festivals held upon her majestic grounds. While many events feel that they must get wrapped up in one activity after the next art installation that can be viewed after hopping off a carousel or finishing up a Major League Baseball experience, the events held at Suwannee pride themselves on three things: music, vibe and beautiful grounds. This is not to say that these other things do not have their place at festivals. They just do not have a place a Suwannee. 

Take last weekend’s Suwannee Springfest, for example. There were many slated acts, but the vibe in the park created a schedule that meant virtually nothing. It said that Larry Keel and Natural Bridge would be playing… then the stage would be filled with so many players that no more could fit.

This passion for playing music continued past the stage as well and, as Honest Tune will be doing at many events this summer, we cornered a whole lot of the slated acts to participate in our Live, Backstage & Unplugged series at several locations throughout the park. 

In this first part of the series, we will take you into the woods (with a storm swirling above) with Elephant Revival, between the buses (in a busy backstage area)with Emmitt-Nershi and by the outhouse (as the festival was winding down) with The Mosier Brothers.

So sit back, relax, listen, watch and enjoy as Honest Tune and GrooveStreet.TV present Live, Backstage & Unplugged at Suwannee Springfest 2012, part I. Stay Tuned for part II with Larry & Jenny Keel, Jim Lauderdale (who will unveil a brand new Robert Hunter tune), The Infamous Stringdusters and Donna the Buffalo.




Elephant Revival: “To and From” Live, Backstage & Unplugged @ Springfest 2012

For more on Elephant Revival, head over to www.ElephantRevival.com


Emmitt-Nershi: “Long Road” Live, Backstage & Unplugged @

Springfest 2012

For more on Emmitt-Nershi, log on to www.EmmittNershiBand.com


The Mosier Brothers: “On My Way” Live Backstage & Unplugged @ Springfest 2012

For more on The Mosier Brothers, log on to www.TheMosierBrothers.com



Holiday Hootenanny w/ Col. Bruce, Jeff Sipe, Count M’Butu and more, 12/18/11

Atlanta’s Holiday Hootenanny
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA
December 18, 2011


Last Sunday night, the Variety Playhouse stage was as reminiscent of Col. Bruce Hampton’s infamous Zambiland days as it has been in quite some time. Though a few essential ingredients were not present in the orchestra, namely Jimmy Herring, the event that was billed as Atlanta’s Holiday Hootenanny contained many players that made up the old — and much reminisced over — ensembles of days past.

More or less, it was a session of improvisation — most of whom were Atlanta natives — with many conductors that was constantly anchored by Ted Pecchio and Jeff Sipe. Throughout the night, the stage welcomed many, including: Jeff Sipe, Count M’Butu, Rev. Jeff Mosier, Jimmy Hall, Tommy Talton, Ike Stubblefield, Yonrico Scott and many more.

Musically solid, though completely unrehearsed, there were many highlights; but the most unexpected was two teenage players that Hampton brought onto the stage that blew the roof off of the Variety. And so it goes, Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret. still has a keen of an eye for talent as he ever has.

Ian Rawn was there to capture the evening’s occurrences through his lens.


Click the thumbnail(s) to view photos from the Hootenanny by Ian Rawn


40 years of The Allman Brothers Band


The Allman Brothers Band is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and next week the band takes over the Beacon Theatre for its annual run.  To mark the momentous occasion, Honest Tune is running a retrospective of the band, with interviews of artists, features, and an overall synopsis of what the band means to our music landscape.

Stay tuned and check back each day as we add new content!

03.09: Southern Rock Revival, part 2 – Benji Shanks

03.05: Southern Rock Revival, part 1 – Old Union

03.04: "40 Years of Unrelenting Music"

03.03: Jeff Mosier mp3 interview, plus new artist additions

03.02: Jimmy Herring feature interview, + thoughts from a few musicians

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Jeff Mosier: Lessons Learned


Written by: Tim Newby


That feeling of disappointment or sadness about something that one wishes could be different.  It’s a common emotion we have all experienced at one time.  For the eternally upbeat Jeff Mosier, he has been shouldering a load of regret since the original incarnation of his band, Blueground Undergrass, played their final show, dissolving in the midst of anger, hard feelings, and a loss of faith.  Since that day he has thought about the lost opportunities and missed chances, and until just a few short weeks ago it seemed as if they would be gone forever, only to live in Mosier’s suitcase of regret.

But then a random phone call proved to be the spark to reunite the original line-up of Blueground Undergrass (BGUG,) catching Mosier by surprise and giving him a chance at redemption.

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