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Tedeschi Trucks Band to perform at historic Dockery Farms

Tedeschi_Trucks_Band_Photo_Credit_Tedeschi_Trucks_Band_Duo_Exclusive_3The Dockery Farms Foundation has announced that the Tedeschi Trucks Band will perform this year’s outdoor show at the historic location on April 24. It follows their first annual show last year featuring Roseanne Cash.

Dockery Farms is considered one of the holy sites of the Delta Blues and draws visitors from all over the world. Located just east of Cleveland, Miss., it was the home of blues pioneer Charley Patton, who taught locals including Howlin’ Wolf and Pops Staples.

The non-profit Dockery Farms Foundation is focused on preserving the historic property and facilitating public interest in its musical and agricultural heritage.

TTB is touring on the heels of their new album Let Me Get By, which was released in January. The Dockery show provides a rare example to catch the band in an intimate and historical setting.

“This couldn’t come at a better time, soon after the release of the band’s latest album and at a time when they are playing to sold-out venues in Nashville, Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C.” said Carolyn Powers, co-chair of the Dockery Farms Foundation.

Bill Lester, executive director of the Dockery Farms Foundation, added, “The Tedeschi Trucks Band is just on fire right now, and we expect a high level of excitement that they will be coming here to play.”

One of the restored buildings on the grounds, the former cotton storage shed, will be the main stage for the concert, which is a fundraiser for the Foundation. The show will start at 7:00 p.m., with gates opening at 5:00 p.m. with a yet-to-be-named opening act.

More information and tickets are available on the Dockery Farms website.

Following a tour of Australia and Japan, Tedeschi Trucks Bands stateside  Spring Tour dates are as follows:


April 17      Charleston, SC             Southern Ground Music and Food Festival

April 20      Kansas City, MO        Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland

April 21      Ames, IA                      Stephens Auditorium

April 23      Birmingham, AL           Legacy Arena at The BJCC

with Widespread Panic

April 24      Cleveland, MS              Dockery Farms

April 28      New Orleans, LA         New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

May 7         Buffalo, NY             University At Buffalo Center For The Arts

May 8         Buffalo, NY                  University At Buffalo Center For The Arts     with Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers

May 10       Syracuse, NY        Crouse Hinds Theater @ The Oncenter

with Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers

May 12       Hershey, PA                Hershey Theatre

with Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers

May 13       Newark, NJ                  New Jersey Performing Arts Center

May 14       Atlantic City, NJ         Boardwalk Hall Arena

May 26-29      Cumberland, MD        DelFest

Tedeschi Trucks Band, 4/2/15

To say Derek Trucks has come a long way is an understatement. For every child prodigy that has continued success in their field, there are dozens, maybe hundreds, that disappear from the public eye.

Well, Trucks made it.

That’s not news to anyone.

But, years removed from the Derek Trucks Band and months removed from the Allman Brothers’ final shows, the guitarist’s current outfit, the Tedeschi Trucks Band is his best “solo” act yet. The fully-formed Tedeschi Trucks Band is a powerful beast on all fronts, and provides a depth that Trucks never had with his self-named group. With two drummers the band has the percussive heft that the Allman Brothers had, but the horn section provides a different facet – a funk and soul dimension that propels the group to heights that weren’t really possible inside the Allman Brothers’ setting.

Simply put, this is one heavy group, and they proved it at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis.

Willie Watson opened the show, and set the table with his brand of bluegrass/folk. Watson, formerly of Old Crow Medicine Show, delivered songs tinged with a wry wit and sense of humor that retrospectively provided a foil to the main act. Watson is a great story-teller, but unfortunately there’s only so much one man can do on stage on his own, and after several songs they all seemed to blend together. He shook things up by switching between banjo and guitar (with some harmonica thrown in), but it’s became hard (for this ignorant writer) to differentiate one tune from the other.

When the Tedeschi Trucks Band finally hit the stage, the room was pretty full. While not a sell-out, the crowd was rowdy and ready for anything. The band started off with “Made Up Mind,” the title track from their latest album, and never looked back.

ST_JMintz_1Watching Derek Trucks is simply a treat. There’s no flash or frills – just mind-blowing slide guitar and finger picking. Over the course of two hours, it was an absolute clinic on how to play guitar with ego set completely aside.

Vocalist Mike Mattison, who was lead for the Derek Trucks Band, took stage front for lead vocals on “Don’t Miss Me” and “Get What You Deserve,” tunes from the Derek Trucks Band days, and Susan’s vocals on the Derek & the Dominoes track “Keep On Growing” would have made Eric Clapton proud.

The band showed their versatility, toning it down a bit for “Shelter,” and paid homage to Bobby Bland with a take on his “I Pity the Fool.” The set-closing “Bound For Glory” was tremendous, and frankly Derek’s solo on the “The Storm” would have been worth the price of admission alone.

Derek and Susan have clear chemistry on stage, a good thing considering their husband-and-wife relationship. But, the bond is more than just familial – it’s musical, which is in its own right a powerful thing. It’s going to be really interesting to watch the band continue to evolve, because there are so many directions that Derek and Susan are capable of steering the ship.

Set: Made Up Mind, Do I Look Worried, The Sky Is Crying, Don’t Miss Me, Comin’ Home, Shelter, Keep on Growing, Get What You Deserve, I’ve Got a Feeling, Idle Wind, I Pity the Fool, Bound for Glory
Encore: The Storm

“Rock-Rock”: The Lasting Legacy of the Allman Brothers Band



Words by Tim Newby

Forty-years ago, a younger brother went to visit his older sibling who was home sick. The younger brother had brought a few gifts along to help cheer up his ailing brother – a bottle of Coricidin pills and bluesman Taj Mahal’s first album.


The Allman Brothers Band 8-1-12 at Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta Ga. Peachtreeimages.com/Lisa Keel2012A few hours after dropping off his gifts, the younger brother received an excited phone call from his older brother imploring him to come back over and see what he had done. Gregg Allman rushed back to his Brother Duane’s side, and discovered that he had emptied out the pills from the Coricidin bottle and was using it as a slide to play “Statesboro Blues,” an old Blind Willie McTell tune that Mahal covered on his album. Using the empty Coricidin bottle, Duane was emulating the slide playing that gave the old blues standard its distinct feel.


It was from that moment of discovery, on that day over forty years ago, that the seeds of what would become the defining sound of a band and style was first born.


Gregg Allman once said, “Rock n’ Roll was pretty much born in the south, so was the blues, or at least a certain kind of blues. So saying Southern Rock is like saying Rock- Rock.”


IMG_8476While there were deep southern rock based roots before the Allman Brothers Band existed, and bands that toyed around with that roots-rock sound (Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Band), that feeling, that spirit, that soul that we associate with that Southern Rock or Rock-Rock sound was born in the heat and humidity of Florida and Georgia. As the newly formed Allman Brothers Band looked to find their place in the musical landscape, they incorporated the sounds they found around them in their home in the south – blues, country music, and rock n’ roll – but added an edge and attitude to it that gave it an aggressive sheen. They also looked to influences outside their region and combined it with their love of playing live. Drummer Butch Trucks recalls, “The way we evolved was instrumentally with the jams. We would do a lot of jamming. We would set up and play, and play, and play. And then we would listen to what he had done, and then go listen to Miles Davis and John Coltrane and all the old blues cats, Robert Johnson and those guys. That’s where it came from.”


The Allman Brothers Band formed shortly after that day when a bed-ridden Duane Allman first played “Statesboro Blues” with a Coricidin bottle. The band went on to reinvent rock ‘n’ roll around their own Southern roots – bringing elements of country music, blues, and rock and channeling it through Duane’s guitar. This new sound came to define a region, and provide an identity to many other bands that followed on the wide path that the Allman Brothers Band blazed. The Marshall Tucker Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels, The Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, .38 Special, and many others carried the Southern Rock torch brightly through the 1970s and into the 80s.


IMG_7843The Allmans rose to fame with the release of the career-defining live album At Fillmore East and Eat a Peach, only to see it nearly come to a premature end with the untimely death of Duane and bassist Berry Oakley, both in motorcycle accidents a year apart in the same neighborhood, mere blocks from each other.


The band soldiered on despite their loss for the next decade – breaking up and reuniting multiple times. Through this time they had moments of pure greatness – the Dickey Betts-dominated Brothers & Sisters, “High Falls” from Win, Lose, or Draw, “Crazy Love” from Enlightened Rogues, but they also had some painfully low moments.


The band eventually dissolved amidst infighting and mistrust for good in 1982. Both Allman and Betts formed solo bands and headed out on the road. They each achieved moderate success, but nothing compared to what they had done together.


In 1986 they got back together to play a benefit show for Bill Graham. This proved to be the catalyst for the rebirth of the Allmans. Allman and Betts’ solo bands toured together over the next year. At each show both bands would play a set, followed by a night ending set of both bands playing Allman Brothers’ songs together.


img_8023Eventually they decided to reform. The surviving members of the original line-up returned intact, with the addition of a young guitar player from Betts’ solo band, Warren Haynes, and Allen Woody on bass rounding out the line-up. It was this line-up that would return the Brothers back to the level of greatness that was expected from them.


This new line-up marked the start of a new-found interest in the band. With a burgeoning jam-scene that looked to the Allmans as a founding father, The Allman Brothers Band found a new lease on life and released a trio of albums to start the 1990s that could stand shoulder to shoulder with their classic albums from the past.


Over the course of the next decade, they went through a series of line-up changes before settling on the current line-up of founding members Allman (keys), Butch Trucks (drums), Jaimoe (drums), joined by Haynes (guitar), Oteil Burbridge (bass), Marc Quinones (percussion), and Trucks’ nephew, guitar prodigy Derek Trucks who seems to channel the spirit and playing of Duane’s distinct slide guitar. This current line-up brings new life and energy to the band, yet at the same time plays in a way that recalls and remembers those past greats they have lost.


When the Allman Brothers broke up for a brief period during the 80s, so did it seem that the torch of Southern Rock started to dim. But soon a fresh crop of Georgia bands, including Widespread Panic, Bloodkin, Drivin’ ‘n Cryin’, and the Black Crowes, rekindled the still smoldering embers with their fresh, youthful approach to the Rock-Rock sound. The Allman Brothers reformed around the same time and a rebirth of Southern Rock was well under way. This revival saw the birth of Gov’t Mule, the North Mississippi All-Stars, the Drive by Truckers, and a slew of other like-minded young bands that led a wave of new southern talent that harkened back to the soul and spirit of the Allman Brothers.


The Allman Brothers Band 8-1-12 at Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta Ga. Peachtreeimages.com/Lisa Keel2012For every band that has twin lead guitars, adds a bit of country to their rock n’ roll, or has Georgia clay between their toes, they can trace their musical heritage back to the Allman Brothers. The Allmans have been blazing their path for forty-years, playing what Gregg Allman called “rock-rock”, and many have followed in their huge footsteps.


As the last notes of the double encore of “Whipping Post,” and “Trouble No More,” (the first song the Allmans ever played together) rang through the hallowed halls of the Beacon Theatre for the last time last night – marking the end of the over four-decade plus run of the legendary innovators of Southern Rock – a legion of bands inspired by the incomparable sound that the Allman Brothers created gave thanks for the wide trail they blazed. It is a trail that allowed every band with a twang in their voice and a soulful edge in every guitar solo to follow in their lead and prove that the flame the Allman Brothers Band ignited so many years ago still burns brightly.

The Allman Brothers Band 8-1-12 at Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta Ga. Peachtreeimages.com/Lisa Keel2012

Warren Haynes And Derek Trucks To Depart Allman Brothers Band At End Of 2014

The Allman Brothers Band 8-1-12 at Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta Ga. Peachtreeimages.com/Lisa Keel2012


In a joint statement Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks have confirmed they will be leaving the legendary Allman Brothers Band at the end of 2014 to focus on other projects.

“For 25 years and 15 years respectively,  we’ve had the honor and pleasure of playing, living, learning, and  traveling with the Allman Brothers Band, one of the truly legendary rock  and roll bands. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity and the  experience, and for the love, enthusiasm, and support of the incredible  fans. We are both preparing to dig even deeper into our various  creative and musical endeavors and, as a result, 2014 will be our final  year as part of the band. We are looking forward to seeing our loyal ABB  fans at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta this Friday night January 10th and  in March at the Beacon Theater in New York City as we celebrate the 45th  Anniversary of the band.” – Warren Haynes & Derek Trucks

As The Allman Brothes prepare to celebrate their 45th year, take a look back at Honest Tune’s week long coverage of their 40th Anniversary in in which we marked he momentous occasion with a retrospective of the band, interviews of artists, features, and an overall synopsis of what the band means to our music landscape.

40 years of The Allman Brothers Band

Both Haynes and Trucks also released individual statements expressing their gratitude and fond memories of their time with the band.

From Warren Haynes:

I  joined the Allman Brothers Band in 1989, at age 28, for a reunion tour  with no promise or expectations of it going any further. Based on the  success of the tour and the uncanny chemistry between the original  members and the new members, we decided to continue and see where it all  led. Now, here we are, 25 years later, and it has been an amazing  experience. I’ve always said that if I were to join a band that I grew  up listening to the ABB would be at the top of that list. The original  version of the band was a huge influence on me and I’m sure that the  countless hours I spent listening to and studying that music helped  shape me as a musician. As proud as I am of being a member of such a  legendary band, I’m even more proud of the music that we’ve made  together and of being a part of carrying their original vision into the  future.

As someone  who’s been fortunate enough to juggle a lot of musical projects and  opportunities I look forward to maintaining a vigorous schedule which  will include many more years of touring and recording with Gov’t Mule in  addition to my solo projects and to enjoying more family time as well.  Being part of the ABB has opened a lot of doors for me and that’s  something I don’t take for granted nor do I take for granted the  friendship and musical relationships I have with each of the members.  The 45th Anniversary of the ABB is a milestone amidst too many  highlights to count and I’m looking forward to an amazing year creating  music that only the Allman Brothers Band can create.

From Derek Trucks:

I  got the call to join the Allman Brothers while on tour with my own band  at the age of 19.  It was out of the blue and felt surreal.  I leapt at  the chance.  This was the music that I had cut my teeth on and it was  the distinctive sound of Duane’s guitar that inspired me to pick up the  instrument in the first place.

When  I started with ABB I didn’t know how long it would last, only that I  would let the music lead me and teach me.  Amazingly that led me past  the band’s 40th anniversary, to the band’s 45th, and now my 15th year as  a member of this incredible band.   Five years ago the 45th seemed like  a lofty goal but I thought if we could make it to that milestone it  would be a logical time to move on.

 While  I’ve shared many magical moments on stage with the Allman Brothers Band  in the last decade plus, I feel that my solo project and the Tedeschi  Trucks Band is where my future and creative energy lies. The Tedeschi  Trucks Band tour schedule keeps growing, and I feel the time has finally  come to focus on a single project, which will allow me to spend that  rare time off the road with my family and children.  It’s a difficult  decision to make, and I don’t make it lightly.

I’m  proud to have made a small contribution to the masterful music they  have created over the past forty years, and will continue to create. Now  seems like a good time to go out on a high note with a great 45th  anniversary in 2014, and the mutual respect and friendship of the other 6  members of ABB.

Allman Brothers Band dates:

January  10 – Atlanta, GA – Fox Theatre – All My Friends: Celebrating the Songs  and Voice of Gregg Allman.  http://celebrategreggallman.com

 Beacon Theater in New York City March 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, 19, 21 and 22.

Tedeschi Trucks Band : Made Up Mind

Tedeschi_Trucks_Made Up Mind

Following their 2011 Grammy-winning debut album, Revelator, and 2012’s rollicking live record, Everybody’s Talkin’, the Tedeschi Trucks Band have done it again with their newest endeavor. Made Up Mind is a highly-anticipated collection of songs that melds the considerable talents of this sprawling 11-piece outfit in a way that will satisfy fans and critics alike.

The instrumental, vocal and songwriting expertise of Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks fuses with their bandmates in a way that shows creativity and confirms that they’ve hit their stride as a group. That musical understanding of one another results in a sound reminiscent of both Stax Records and Muscle Shoals Sound with elements of jam and funk thrown into their signature blues/soul mix.

Known for their extraordinary assemblage of musicians, the Tedeschi Trucks Band truly shows no signs of weakness on Made Up Mind. The album’s stellar lineup includes Kofi Burbridge (keyboards, flute), Tyler Greenwell (drums, percussion), J.J. Johnson (drums, percussion), Kebbi Williams (saxophone), Maurice Brown (trumpet), Saunders Sermons (trombone and vocals), Mike Mattison (harmony vocals) and Mark Rivers (harmony vocals). Along with the instrumentation, further collaboration adds to the album’s success with co-writers Doyle Bramhall II, Eric Krasno, Gary Louris, John Leventhal and co-producer Jim Scott.

The album showcases Trucks as the guitar virtuoso to which we’ve become accustom and adds in Tedeschi’s signature raspy vocals in a way that is both gritty and sensual.  In a mature leap forward, Made Up Mind shows a more polished and intentional instrumentation than the group has previously delivered. Each track beams with layers and textures of their southern soul groove, leaving the listener with great hooks, catchy tunes and exquisite guitar.

When speaking of the current state of the band, Trucks says, “It makes a statement that this band knows what it wants to do and is here to stay. Take it or leave it, this is what it is.”

We’ll take it.

Made Up Mind is out now on Sony Masterworks.

B.B. King & Tedeschi Trucks Band, 8/26/12

B.B. King & Tedeschi Trucks Band
Chastain Park Amphitheatre
Atlanta, GA
August 26, 2012



Atlanta’s blues fans were treated to quite the treat when B.B. King and Tedeschi Trucks set up shop at Chastain Park on a recent summer night. More than just a couple of fantastic acts sharing the stage, the event embodied one of symbolic “torch-passing” in spite of the fact that for now, B.B. shows no sign of slowing down.  But perhaps what was most compelling about the evening (other than two very different but equally inspired takes on the blues) was the evident reverence that emanated not only from powerhouse couple Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, but King’s admiration of the young man, Derek, that is 54 years his junior.

In short, it was a night that will remain etched in the memories of those that witnessed the evening’s occurrences and with an 87 year old King, another opportunity come and gone for those that have yet to witness the icon’s winning personality as well as his innate ability to expose his baby, Lucille, in a manner that is both dignifying, candid and needless to say, legendary.


Tedeschi Trucks setlist

Everybody’s Talkin’, Don’t Let Me Slide, Rollin’ & Tumblin’, Darlin Be Home Soon, Bound For Glory, Get What You Deserve, Shelter, Learn How to Love, Midnight in Harlem, That Did It, Stevie Groove, Uptight, “Love Has Something Else.

Encore: Wade in the Water, Give it Up/Sky Melody


Click the thumbnail(s) to view photos from the show by Michael Podrid


Michael Podrid Photo on Twitter: @MichaelPodrid




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VIDEO: Tedeschi Trucks unveil new “Darling Be Home Soon” video

Today, Tedeschi Trucks Band unveiled their new video for “Darling Be Home Soon” (Below).   The tune is on the band’s  recently released live album, Everybody’s Talkin’.

Written by John Sebastian of the Lovin Spoonful (one of Derek’s dad’s favorite bands), the track was famously covered by Joe Cocker’s group Mad Dogs & Englishmen, a group that remains a major inspiration for the 11-piece traveling musical circus that is TTB.

Tedeschi Trucks Band’s version of “Darling Be Home Soon” is a wonderful showcase of Susan’s vocals soaring above the gentle swell of the band’s groove.

Featuring a trumpet solo by Maurice Brown and a slow-building extended solo by Derek as the band brings it down to a whisper behind him, “Darling Be Home Soon” is easily one of the highlights of an album with no shortage of beautiful vocals and show-stopping solos.


Tedeschi Trucks Band: “Darling Be Home Soon



Soulive’s Bowlive III, 2/29, 3/1, 3/3 & 3/10/12

Bowlive III
Brooklyn Bowl
New York City, NY
February 1, March 1, 3 & 10, 2012



Over the past three years, New York city funk residents, better known as Royal Family Records kings, Soulive, have hosted an annual gathering. What began as one more catchy way to incorporate the band’s name into something has grown into a destination event for fans (including kids for one day at least) from across the country, many of whom take in portions or the full dose of the yearly two week residence at The Big Apple’s Brooklyn Bowl.

What differentiates it from most musical pilgrimages, festivals and the like is that fans flock to the event for one reason… they have literally no clue who will be there, other than host band, Soulive, of course.

Sure, it is a safe bet that standard New York City funksters and Bowl regulars will show up, but in years’ past the guest list has delved much deeper than that, including some of the most notorious of the notoriety list. This year would be no different.

With all things now said and done, here is a brief look at the marquee / unexpected guests from the night’s that Honest Tune’s Vernon Webb (February 29, March 1 & 3) and Andrew Blackstein (March 10) were on the scene at the now famed Royal Family affair.


February 29: Luther Dickinson & John Scofield




I: Shaheed, DIG, Nealization *, Stratus *@, Jealous Guy *@, Povo *@, Hottentot *@, The Night Time Is The Right Time *@^
II: All Night Long ^, Stompin’ My Foot ^, Shake Yo Mama^ > Soul Serenade^, Champagne and Reefer ^@, Spanish Castle Magic ^


Notes: * w/ John Scofield on guitar, @ w/ Nigel Hall on moog and/or vocals, ^ w/ Luther Dickinson on guitar and vocals

Audience Recording Link


March 1: ?uestlove, Karl Denson, Sam Williams, Lenesha Randolph




I: Steppin’, Uncle Jr., Alladin, The Swamp, Rudy’s Way *, Shaheed *, Leave Me Alone *@^%
II: I Am the Magnificent $, Come Together > Eleanor Rigby, I Want You (She’s So Heavy), Too Much *@%#, Signed, Sealed, Delivered *@%, Tuesday Night Squad*@% >  Bewildered > Tuesday Night Squad *@%


Notes: * w/ Karl Denson – flute/sax/vocals, @ w/ Nigel Hall – vocals/keys/bongo, ^ w/ Adam Smirnoff – guitar, % w/ Big Sam – trombone/vocals, $ w/ Rahzel – vocals, # w/ Lenesha Randolph – vocals, & w/ ?uestlove – Drums (Alan Evans played guitar)

Audience Recording Link


March 3: Karl Denson, Marco Benevento, Jennifer Hartswick & Louis Cato




I: Outrage, Bubble, Vapor ^#$, Hat Trick ^#$%, Drown In My Tears ^#$%, Revolution ^#$%
II: So Live!, Turn It Out, Manic Depression %&, Cannonball ^#$%, Upright ??? ^#$%, Dazed And Confused ^#$%, The Ocean ^#$%


Notes: * w/ Karl Denson – cowbell/shaker, @ w/ Nigel Hall – vocals, ^ w/ James Casey – tenor sax/tambourine/cowbell, # w/ Jennifer Hartswick – trumpet/vocals, $ w/ Matt Owens – trumpet, % w/ Marco Benevento – organ, & w/ Louis Cato – drums (Alan on guitar)

Audience Recording Link


March 10: Derek Trucks, Tash Neal (London Souls) & Ledisi




I: El Ron &, Upright &, Hat Trick &, Flurries &, Too Much &%, Everybody Wants To Rule The World > The Light &%, Love Never Changes &%^, Them Changes &%^
II: Bubble, One In Seven, Eleanor Rigby > I Want You (She’s So Heavy),  A Change Is Gonna Come %^$, Manic Depression %&$,

Encore: Aladdin &

Notes: & w/ Bowlive Horns: James Casey – tenor sax, Ryan Zoidis – tenor sax, Eric Bloom – trumpet, % w/ Nigel Hall – vocals, ^ w/ Ledisi – vocals, @ w/ Tash Neal – guitar/vocals (London Souls), $ w/ Derek Trucks – guitar

Audience Recording Link



Click the thumbnail(s) to view photos from 2/29, 3/1 & 3/3/12 by Vernon Webb

Follow Vernon’s photography on Facebook


Click the thumbnail(s) to view photos from 3/10/12 by Andrew Blackstein

(Scroll down for videos of Derek joining Soulive, Nigel Hall and Ledisi for Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” and Hendrix’s “Manic Depression”)


Soulive with Derek Trucks, Nigel Hall & Ledisi: Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”


Soulive w/ Derek Trucks: Jimi Hendrix’s “Manic Depression”




Tedeschi Trucks win Grammy, to perform at White House; Derek wins Lifetime Achievement award


It is always nice when one of “our own” experiences the kind of success and critical acclaim that we all know that they deserve. Today, Sony Masterworks put out a release regarding Tedeschi Trucks Band’s Grammy award for Revelator, an album that was given much acclaim in Honest Tune‘s Top 11 of 2011 and much praise through substantial concert coverage (here, here, here, here), a contest and interview (see below) in 2011.



Sony Masterworks proudly announces that the Tedeschi Trucks Band has won a Grammy Award for their album, Revelator, in the Best Blues Album category. Led by the husband-wife team of singer/guitarist Susan Tedeschi and guitarist Derek Trucks, Revelator is the debut album from the couple’s new 11-piece ensemble, Tedeschi Trucks Band. This year, Derek Trucks also had the honor of receiving the Lifetime Achievement award as a member of the Allman Brothers Band. At 32 years old, Trucks is one of the youngest recipients of this acclaimed award. Susan Tedeschi has been nominated five times previously and won her first Grammy last night with Revelator.


This month, Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks will celebrate Blues music at the White House. Tedeschi and Trucks will perform in the East Room as part of the taped PBS special, “In Performance at the White House: Red, White and Blues.” President and Mrs. Obama will host the concert event on Tuesday, February 21 in recognition of Black History Month. The all-star concert also features Mick Jagger, B.B. King, Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy among others, and celebrates the great figures of the Blues genre and the songs they made famous. “In Performance at the White House: Red, White and Blues” premieres on Monday, February 27 at 9 p.m. ET on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings). The event will also be streamed live at www.whitehouse.gov/live , www.pbs.org/whitehouse and www.blackpublicmedia.org.


Tedeschi Trucks Band continues to tour the U.S. performing music from Revelator as well as fan favorites. Everybody’s Talkin, a live album, is in the works for later this year. For more information and tour dates visit TedeschiTrucksBand.com.


March 28 – Tennessee Theatre – Knoxville, TN
March 29 – The Palace – Columbus, OH
March 30 – Clay Center: Maier Foundation Performance Hall – Charleston, WV
April 20 – Wanee Music Festival: Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park – Live Oak, FL
April 25 – nTelos Pavilion – Charlottesville, VA
April 26 – Taft Theatre – Cincinnati, OH
April 28 – Merlefest: Doc & Merle Watson Main Stage, Wilkes Comm College – Wilkesboro, NC
April 29 – Ryman Auditorium – Nashville, TN
May 27 – Summer Camp: Sunshine Main Stage, Three Sisters Park – Chillicothe, IL
June 29 – TD Toronto Jazz Festival: Main Stage Marquee, Nathan Philips Square – Toronto, OH
July 7 – Thunder Bay Blues Festival – Thunder Bay, ON
July 18 – Ravinia Festival – Highland Park, IL
August 5 – Newport Jazz Festival: Main Stage, Fort Adams State Park – Newport, RI
September 5 – Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA
October 27 – Legendary Rhythms & Blues Cruise – San Juan, PR


 Reveling with Derek Trucks : an Honest Tune Interview