Tab Benoit : Power of Pontchartrain

Power of the Pontchartrain is classic Tab Benoit – a collection of excellent material, performed pare excellence by Benoit and his accompanying band, Louisiana’Tab_Benoit_Power.jpgs Leroux, featuring the extraordinary Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. 

Each of the album’s eleven songs are equally strong.  Benoit’s familiar swampy Louisiana-style blues are present on tracks like “Sac-au-lait Fishing” (the album’s only original), “One Foot in the Bayou” and “Power of the Pontchartrain.” Other tracks find Benoit mixing his distinct vocals with a gritty Telecaster blues leads, showing soul, grit and intensity that at times call to mind Stevie Ray Vaughn and Warren Haynes on “Good To Ya, Baby” and “Somebody’s Got To Go.”

Benoit also offers a revised rendition of Stephen Stills’ Buffalo Springfield classic "For What it’s Worth", with lyrics altered to reflect the post-Katrina world in which we now live; and does the departed Otis Redding proud with a jaw dropping “I’m Guilty of Lovin’ You.”

From beginning to end, Power of the Pontchartrain is a stirring testament to the power of Tab Benoit.  The Grammy-nominated artist pays homage to a wide variety of Americana styles, while always remaining true to his wetland roots. The result is an album that seems destined to be ranked as Benoit’s finest work to date.

Power of Pontchartrain is out now on Telarc.