Sweating it out with the Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon


Cincinnati, Ohio

May 24, 2007


Packing a hyper-intensive, brawling, shouting and singing crowd into an inner city club may not be unusual in this day and age, especially for Tennessee’s Kings of Leon, and that was exactly the scene for the conquering heroes at Cincinnati’s Bogarts on May 24.

But did the band shrink and disappear from the opportunity?

Not this time.

Pounding hard with breathtaking precision, the Followill brothers combined hardcore punk roots with deep Southern blues and glam pop sheen, giving the standing room-only faithful a sizable taste of the Because of the Times and Aha Shake Heartbreak recordings.  Pogo dancing, pushing and shoving, body surfing and out of tempo soccer stadium chanting ensued. 

Playing "The Bucket" alongside the Times‘ track "My Party," it became abundantly clear that the two discs were clearly linked as a tight performance package.  Whether they dipped into the lightning quick rhythms of "King of the Rodeo" or "True Love Way," the Kings were not about to make this a party that turned "Soft" in any way.

Caleb Followill looked down at the crashing mass on the floor and wiped the sweat from his brow as he screamed the shrieking vocals to "Charmer" and the rest of the group followed with cacophonous double time chord changes.  And, the influence of sharing the stage alongside U2’s the Edge every night permeated the echoing lead guitar effects of the Times’ "Charmer" and "Knocked Up."

As they parted ways with the energized throng at Bogarts, the Kings of Leon threw out two devastating runs on "Four Kicks" and "Slow Night, So Long," promising much bigger things to come when those of us will remember the magic of the close contact and camaraderie of the club show days.