Swamp Talk: an Honest Tune Interview with JJ Grey (VIDEO)

web-008.jpgWhat can be said about JJ Grey that hasn’t been said before? Bringing up Grey in conversation inevitably brings about partisan discussion. But, the conversations stay music focused, and for good reason. With Mofro’s stellar level of improvisational musicianship, the stage for delivery is laid neatly at JJ’s feet and he has run with it.

Aside from this, what is perhaps most compelling — and possibly dividing — about Grey is the fact that he fills the aforementioned space with integrity.

Sure, he is a soul singer, songwriter and musician, but there have been a lot of those. What sets Grey apart is his unique storytelling ability. His vocals are guttural, his stage presence is large, his soul shines even when it does so darkly and his overall sound is honest.

With the release of a dual live DVD/CD (Brighter Days), Grey took the opportunity to sit down with Honest Tune recently to discuss the album and his thoughts on improvisation, songwriting and how he feels that his swampy hometown shows up both lyrically and sonically in his music.



Swamp Talk: An Honest Tune Interview with JJ Grey

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