Susan Marshall : Little Red

susan_marshall_little_red.jpgWith a booming voice and crack backing unit, Susan Marshall and her crew combine for an astounding presence on the surprising new disc, Little Red.

Joining forces with Greg Dulli and Lucinda Williams, Marshall proves to be their equal, taking the Dulli composition, "Going to Town," and enhancing its dark beauty with her deep, husky singing. Lou Reed’s "Femme Fatale" fares even better as Marshall and Dulli duet, heightening the sharp corners of Reed’s lyrics and shadowy, urban compositional landscapes. A cover of the Beatle’s "Don’t Let Me Down" adds spunk and spirit to Little Red, with Marshall finding brash new paths to conquer on the aging nugget.

Produced by Jeff Powell and Henry Olsen, Little Red is a fresh entrance into the beguiling and pure vocal shadings that inhabit the musical universe of Susan Marshall.  

Little Red is out now on Madjack Records.