Surprise Me Mr. Davis : The Man Eats Morning For Breakfast


The all-too sporadic output from super-group Surprise Me Mr. Davis only serves to whet one’s appetite for the band’s unique electro-folk; a mix that combines the lyrical dexterity of chief vocalist Nathan Moore and the musical agility of The Slip (brothers Andrew and Brad Barr, and Marc Friedman). With the players’ time usually occupied by other projects, Surprise Me Mr. Davis only pops up every couple of years as time allows Moore and the Slip to get together.  And the return of the band is always a welcome sight.

 The band's latest EP, The Man Eats Morning for Breakfast, continues in the innovative vein of 2004’s self-titled release and the 2005 EP Only in Montreal. The new album is culled from a series of legendary recording sessions that took place in Burlington, Vermont. This time around the Surprise Me crew has a surprise of its own: the addition of keyboard wizard Marco Benevento. Benevento brings his always-steady touch to the proceedings, and the result is an album that could only have been created by Surprise Me Mr. Davis.

The Man Eats Morning for Breakfast moves from the swirl of '60s-infused psychedelic pop to swaggering experimental rock in an instant.  But no matter what direction the band spins on its new album, the deeply soulful lyrics and voice of Moore are at its core and always bring the band back to its center. And that center is a great place to be.  It’s a place that needs to be savored anytime Surprise Me Mr. Davis comes around.

The Man Eats Morning For Breakfast is out now on Royal Potato Family.