Surfer Blood : Astro Coast


Like a sun-kissed, day-glo version of Pavement’s legendary debut Slanted and Enchanted, Astro Coast, the debut album from Surfer Blood, relies heavily on its jangly guitars and muscular riffs to deliver rock-solid blasts of indie-pop. 

Surfer Blood seems to draw liberally from the same deep well as some of their obvious nineties influences (Pavement, Dinosaur Jr.), but where these influences reveled in a lo-fi aesthetic punctuated with a serious bout of grungy angst, Surfer Blood takes those same muscular guitars and rapid-fire rhythms and spits out an album that lives in an up-tempo, pop-infused land.The heavy, beachy, sun-smacked surfer vibe that permeates much of the album is an unintentional touch, one that lead singer John Paul Pitts says is there mostly because of the band’s West Palm Beach home. 

Regardless of why it is there, this good-time guitar feel gives the album depth and makes Astro Coast a necessity as the days grow longer and the air gets warmer. 

Astro Coast is out now on Kanine Reocrds.