Superchunk : Majesty Shredding


Majesty Shredding is quiet simply the best Superchunk album in years, and not just because it has been almost a decade since the band last released a full-length album. Ditching the lush arrangements of 2001’s Here’s To Shutting Up, Majesty Shredding opens with “Digging for Something,” an intense reminder of their explosive power. For Superchunk, it has always been their insatiable energy and perfect combination of indie, pop and punk guitar that makes them such an important band.

Superchunk’s other great strength has been their ability to never overstay their welcome. They’ve never toured too much and never over-saturated the scene with multiple releases. The band has never broken up, gone away, or gone on hiatus; they just take time off. But even while out of the spotlight, bassist Laura Ballance and singer/guitarist Mac McCaughan have kept busy, turning their homespun record label, Merge, into a taste-making giant with releases by Arcade Fire, Spoon, and She & Him.

With Majesty Shredding, Superchunk picks up where they left off nearly 10 years ago. Packed with those trademark Superchunk moments – McCaughan’s about-to-break falsetto, Ballance and Jon Wurster’s barreling-pounding rhythms that send each song into overdrive, and Jim Wilbur’s steady guitar that drives each tune to exhaustion – any song could undoubtedly stand strong against one of their acknowledged masterpieces.

Majesty Shreddingis classic Superchunk. From start to finish in a brisk 40-minutes, it is a supersized shot of adrenaline delivered by a band that is forever in the fast lane and shows no signs of slowing down.

Majesty Shredding is out now on Merge Records