Sunny Ortiz and Todd Nance comment on WSP hiatus rumor

Yesterday, Melissa Ruggieri of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution sat down with Widespread Panic’s Domingo "Sunny" Ortiz and Todd Nance as they prepared for night one of their 25th Anniversary celebration at Athens, GA’s Classic Center. Amongst questions that ranged from why the band elected to not celebrate the new year at Atlanta’s Philips Arena and what the hardest thing about Michael Houser’s passing away was, she also probed the two regarding the hiatus that has been speculated upon following a statement by keyboardist/pianist JoJo Hermann in late 2010.

ortiz.jpgFrom Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Q. What are these rumors that after this year you’re going on indefinite hiatus?

Ortiz: We don’t know if that’s official yet.

Nance: We don’t have the particulars worked out, but we’re working our tails off this year, and next year [we] might sit back but we don’t know. We play 100 shows a year here, and sometimes you saturate the market and just need a breather. But it’s nothing big. Nobody is quitting or anything like that. No divorces. We’re just going to take a breath and assess the situation and get a game plan.

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