Sugar Free Allstars : Dos Ninos

sugarfreeas_DosNinos.jpgThe kids need love too, or at least Sugar Free Allstars believe so. The drum and organ duo from Oklahoma have released Dos Ninos, its third proper release, and one just for the kids.

Quirky has long been an adjective for this band, but when singing about taking a bath (“Bath Tub Boy”) over organ vamps that could turn Sesame Street into an all night dance party, this eccentric approach makes sure-fire fun for the whole family. “Poppy and MeeMaw” struts like Big Bird with a pimp cane, and “Petting Zoo” explores the outdoor frights seen through small eyes, both infused with a distinct funk flavor. While most childrens music is dumbed down completely – from the music to the lyrics – Chris Wiser and Rob “Dr. Rock” Martin take a different approach, adding child friendly wording to the duo’s trademark sound.

Who needs the The Wiggles or Barney when the Sugar Free Allstars are making true, intriguing music, but with a childish bent.

 Dos Ninos is available now.