STS9 : The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes

sts9_peaceblaster.jpgToday’s DJs and turntablists find little advantage in a blank canvas. In fact, more promise may be found in a finished song, one that can be blown apart and reconstructed with digital gadgetry, talent, and a wide open mind.

Sound Tribe Sector 9 is no stranger to the remix scene. Long-aligned with the electronic music movement, the band released Artifact: Perspectives in 2005, a collection of tracks from the Artifact album, re-imagined at the hands of Karsh Kale, Eliot Lipp, and Ming & FS, among others. Despite its forward-thinking approach, the album suffered from repetition; some tracks emerged in one form or another up to four times, reconfigured yet instantly identifiable.

But Artifact: Perspectives’ weakness is the strength of STS9’s Peaceblaster : The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes. The band’s music – in the hands of friends and colleagues – is truly enhanced, the repetition of songs emerging as common segues over the course of the album’s expansive 30 tracks. “Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist” serves as the most prominent thread, the familiar vocals swimming through morphing, diverse instrumentation each time the theme breaks the surface. Pretty Lights’ take on “Beyond Right Now” and Dark Party’s spin on “Shock Doctrine” are choice cuts, although the entire set is notable for both its quality and its substance as a long-playing soundtrack that constantly shifts, twists, and warps STS9’s Peaceblaster through the touch of some of the most innovative electronic artists playing today.

STS9 has long been ready to support a worthy cause, and Peaceblaster : The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes is no different. A project spawned by the band’s visit to the Lower 9th Ward in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, 100 % of the proceeds from the remix album benefit The Make It Right Foundation with the goal of building a home in New Orleans. But beyond being a worthwhile fundraising release, STS9 has used Peaceblaster : The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes to unite a group of like-minded artists and supply them with a formidable set of songs. In turn, the array of notable musicians imbues countless fingerprints on this adventurous collection of reconfigured originals that are revved up and ready for a dancefloor near you.

Peaceblaster: The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes is out now on 1320 Records.