STS9 : Peaceblaster

sts9_peaceblaster.jpgSanta Cruz, California’s STS9 returns with renewed vigor on their Peaceblaster CD.

Strapping in for an explosive takeoff, the band’s combination of electronica and improvised rock tear up the opening track, "Peaceblaster ’68." STS9 is an all instrumental unit that relies on the powerful, grooving rhythm section of Zach Velmer on drums, and David Murphy on bass. Looping the unit’s special sound effects together on "Peaceblaster ’08" is keyboardist David Phipps.

Resembling at times the original score from Blade Runner, "Peaceblaster ’08" segues into the skulking warhorse mantra of "Metameme." Percussionist Jeffree Lerner adds  depth to STS9’s sonic sound scapes, and guitarist Hunter Brown’s lead solos color the dance floor movements of "Shock Doctrine."

As on the band’s last studio release, Artifact, the STS9 experience simply has to be heard to be believed. Whether the listener is engaged with the moody, staggered bridges of "Empires" or the simple pleasures inherent in "Oh Little Brain," STS9 has worlds of musical exploration to offer on the riveting masterwork, Peaceblaster.   

Peaceblaster is out now on 1320 Records.