Steve Poltz : Traveling

steve_poltz_traveling.jpgSinger/songwriter Steve Poltz stretches for the ethereal to great effect on his grounded disc, Traveling. Gathering together a close knit community of seasoned players – such as Billy Harvey, Jud Nelson, Dony Wynn and Conrad Choucroun – has added to traveling’s feel good vibes.

Starting with "I Think She Likes Me," Poltz dives into intricate orchestration, making the mournful tune twist and turn into a humming gem, the type that usually lands in a Wes Anderson film. "Rains" pauses with a Middle Eastern strain running throughout, tapping insistently to a driving rhythm. The shuffling beats surrounding the humorous "What would Ghandi Do?" has less to do with religion than the patience of having to deal with everyday life’s challenges.

Steve Poltz taps into universal themes that are readily understood, especially the girl that breaks down to join the "Hater’s Union," on his inspired and winning Traveling recording.

Traveling will be released on January 22 on 98 Pounder Records.