Steve Morse Band, 1/24/12

Steve Morse Band
San Francisco, CA
January 24, 2012



Steve Morse’s career has been one that has resembled a pinball, but wherever he has bounced, he has taken his signature progressive jazz fusion sound with him. With a career that began in a deeply southern way with Dixie Dregs, who were signed by Capricorn records (Allman Brothers, Widespread Panic), in the late 70s, Morse has been an active player for over forty years, whether with the Dregs (who have now hung things up) or other projects that include Kansas and Deep Purple; the latter of which credits Morse with a “revitalization of their entire sound.”


Throughout it all, Morse has always maintained a solo career which is exactly what he was doing on the night when Susan Weiand found him in the The Golden Gate City that she often frequents, San Francisco.


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