Steve Kimock & Friends, 3/30/11


Steve Kimock & Friends
Sullivan Hall
New York City, NY
March 30, 2011

Steve Kimock has taken over New York’s Sulllivan Hall…for three Wednesdays in a row that is.

Though rumor has it that the opening night of the three week residency was a bit on the slim side in terms of attendance, this was definitely not the case on this, the second night of the run. The place was packed to the rafters with people getting down to the band’s funky jams.

On this evening Kimock was joined by friends Marco Benevento (Garage A Trois, Benevento/Russo Duo) on keys, Adam Deitch (Break Science, Lettuce) on drums and Marc Friedman (The Slip) on bass.

As is standard for Kimock, the jams were laid on thick and, save for a few patches, the evening’s backing band of seasoned musicians that have never collectively played together were tight – playing like they have been together for years.

On its whole, the night was composed of solid framing built collectively amongst all parties. With Benevento injecting his signature reverberated and distortion laden sound into the mix (particularly present in "Twin Killers") and the mimicking bass play of Friedman coupled with the always tight work of Deitch, Steve was allowed to take a surveyor’s role as opposed to having to jump right into any song of the evening. Rather, the music was allowed to breathe organically, thereby allowing him to step in and lead when the time was right.

It was funk. It was space. It was soul. Judging from the crowd’s response, all concurred that it was also a fantastic night of freeform tunes.   


Set I
Ice Cream Intro Jam > Ice Cream, Twin Killers, 54-46 Was My Number, 5B4 Funk
Set II
You’re The One, Happy Days Are Here Again*, Point Of No Return, Unknown (Jam?) > I Feel Fine, Merle’s Boogie

*- w/ John Morgan Kimock on guitar
To download the audience recording of this show, please click HERE

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