Steve Kimock, 5/26/12

Steve Kimock
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA
May 26, 2012



When Steve Kimock announced that he would be launching a “large-scale tour” back in March, immediate excitement pulsed through the tight knit jam community. Having become somewhat road reclusive, the tour — that amounted to a grand total of 13 cities over 17 days — would be the first time that the beloved Kimock hit the road in over three years. For those who have not been fortunate to be in a location where Kimock has played (Jam Cruise, New York City, etc.) during the hiatus, it would be the first time that they had been able to experience the signature sound in much longer than they cared to recall.The unfortunate part: it was over almost as soon as it had begun.

On the night that things were initially planned to wrap, Kimock and his touring band of noteworthy notables rolled into Atlanta for what would be a spectacular evening; a literal showcase of exactly the type of badass that Kimock is.

With classic and new originals including the spine chilling instrumental, “Tongue n Groove,” and “Tastes Like Chicken” (Kimock/Worrell — see below for stream) combined with covers that included the second set opener, “Stella Blue,” (see below for video) that saw Kimock playing the slide in such a soothing manner that it made one wonder if his instrument would actually shed tears, the audience was taken on a journey filled with beautiful vistas and high-flying acrobatics.

We can all only hope that it doesn”t take Steve another 1000 days to hit the road again.




I: You”re The One > Pusherman > You”re the One, TLC, 54-46, Ice Cream, You Can”t Do That > Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) > You Can”t Do That > Super Stupid > You Can”t Do That
II: Stella Blue, Take Me To The River*, 16 Tons*, Part For, One For Brother Mike, Tongue N Groove, Congo Man Chant > Get Up Stand Up*, Red Hot Mamma*

Notes: * w/ Marshall Ruffin


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