Zach Mahone

Start date: June 2006

Role: Photographer


Lives In: Minturn, Colorado

Bio: Zach Mahone lives in Vail, Colorado with his wife Gena, and K9 Koko. Zach makes his living as a photographer and finds himself shooting just about everything. However nothing is more exciting than shooting live music, which is the main reason he is a photographer today. When not shooting Zach enjoys his time outside in the Colorado Rockies. In the winter he will be shredding up Vail and Beaver Creek Mountain boasting 75 + days on the hill. In the summer he likes to divide his time between rock climbing, biking, camping, and rafting.

Top 5 favorite venues (No general order):

Red Rocks – Morrison, CO
Vilar Perfoming Arts Center – Beaver Creek , CO
Little Beach Amphitheater – Minturn, CO
Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park – Live Oak, FL
State Bridge – Bond, CO

Favorite Images

1. Flaming Lips – In much of music photography it’s about who you are shooting, their facial expressions, etc. What I love about this picture is that is none of that. This picture is about the feeling of being a rock start and the powerful feeling you get when music hits you. This is one of my favorite music photographs I have ever shot.

Taken At Snowball Music Fest in Avon, CO


2. BB King – As a music photographer you have a list of who you want to shoot before you die. It might not be written down but you know who is on your bucket list. For me one of those people is BB King, and to capture him in such an intimate venue like the Vilar Performing Arts Center was a real special treat.


3. Leftover Salmon – Leftover Salmon has been incredibly gracious to me over 2011. Their manager has taken me under his wing and I am pretty much the bands photographer when they play within driving distance. Getting to know the band and hanging out with them is big a plus for a music photographer. I look forward to their new album and shooting many many more Salmon shows in the future. Taken at the Vilar Performing Arts Center, Beaver Creek, CO.