Vernon Webb

Vernon Webb
Start date: November 2010

Role: Photographer, Writer


Lives In: Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Bio: Vernon Webb lives in Fair Lawn, NJ with his son and daughter, AJ & Logan. He is a single parent and owner of an Internet web page hosting and design company as well as a computer consultant. He is also an aspiring musician who plays guitar, sings and write music. In his spare time he loves to attend concerts and capture the moment from his own eye.

His love of photography began in 1977 at the age of 13 where he joined the photograph club in Junior High School. His first concert photo was in 1984 at the San Francisco Civic Center of The Grateful Dead. Carrying a 110 film camera he took his first concert photos and that is where the passion began. Over the years he’s moved to film and later digital that he with a Minolta that he used to take to any show that would allow him to carry the camera in, such bands as The Grateful Dead, Hot Tuna & Blues Traveler.

One day he asked a friend of his who had some connections and some expertise in this area of photography and was told that he could see his work in any concert magazine today. A few weeks later that friend passed and Vernon Webb was inspired to grab hold of the reigns with both hands and the rest is history, now shooting for several publications and at least 500 band shoots under his belt he has never looked back and continues to blaze a trail. His dream is to one day shoot for Rolling Stone Magazine.