Susan Weiand

Start date: 1998

Role: Photographer, Writer


Lives In: San Jose, California

Bio: Susan Weiand lives in the San Francisco bay area. She has had her own portrait business since 1989 and has been photographing concerts since the mid 90’s. She has contributed to Honest Tune for over 10 years. Attending and photographing music festivals like High Sierra and New Orleans Jazz Fest are highlights of her year. She pays the bills with her successful kids and families photography. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, travel and playing softball.

Top five albums of all time:

1. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
2. Allman Brothers – Live From the Fillmore
3. Joni Mitchell – Blue
4. Little Feat – Waiting for Columbus
5. Steely Dan – Aja

Top 3 images of 2011

1. I had the opportunity to fly in an ultra light aircraft over the High Sierra Music Fest this year. I have photographed the festival for many years but never from the air. Despite my apprehensions, I took my camera up and had the most amazing experience.

2. At the Santa Cruz Blues Fest this year, the Experience Hendrix tour was headlining on Saturday and.It started raining during their set. Steve Vai came out and did his thing in the rain and I was right in front of him for this amazing shot.

3. I have photographed Outside Lands Music Fest every year since it started 5 years ago. I wanted to get a photo of Erykah Badu but the lights were practically off during her amazing set. Finally, she lifted her head, some soft yellow light hit her face, and as she raised her first to the air, I got this shot.