Sarah Tollie

Sarah Tollie
Start date: December 2010

Role: Writer

Lives In: Nashville, TN

Bio: Sarah Tollie lives near Nashville, Tennessee, where she is finishing her master’s in mass communication. By day, she works as a webmistress, interviewer of Grammy-winning alumni, and writer — or graduate assistant, to those in academia. By night, she attends classes and often plots how to save the world, one music note at a time. Whether listening to music, seeing it live, or writing about it for Honest Tune, Sarah hopes to bring that plot into fruition.

Top 5 Pop/Rock Albums of 2011

1. Get Along, Tegan and Sara
2. Pro*Whoa, Nikka Costa
3. Nocturnes, Uh Huh Her
4. Secret Codes and Battleships, Darren Hayes
5. Walls, An Horse