Rex Thomson

Start date: July 2009

Role: Photographer, Writer


Lives In: Louisville, Kentucky

Bio: Rocketed from a dying world and raised believing himself to be human, mild mannered Rex Thomson finds himself, in times of great stress, forced to change into his alternate identity of Rex-A-Vision. Faster than a 500 shutter speed, able to take shaky shots and meticulously clean them in photoshop, more powerful than a security guard..Look! In the photo pits! It’s a weirdo! It’s a sash wearing loony! It’s Rex-A-Vision!
Got started taking pictures a few years back, and found that blending my love of music and art into something I could be proud of was the greatest joy of my life. Thanks to the fine folks at Honest Tune I have had the opportunity to cover bands like moe., Cornmeal and galactic, and to spread the word of the music I love, while working with the finest writers and photographers on the scene!