Jeffery Dupuis

Jeffery Dupuis
Start date: August 2010

Role: Photographer


Lives In: New Orleans, Louisiana

Bio: Jeffrey Dupuis lives in New Orleans, LA. He spends his days as an addiciton couselor and his nights as a music junkie. Jeffrey came into photography through playing guitar. Playing in hippie bands through college, Jeffrey found that after soundcheck you could either play pool or drink, and he wasn’t very good at either, so he started taking pictures to pass the time. Skilled at both, it became easier to rise to the top of a smaller pool of photographers than guitarists. Jeffrey still regrets that there are no groupies in the photog world.

Top 5 recordings I keep going back to in 2011:

1. Meters and the JB Horns, 12/1/19 Switzerland
2. Grateful Dead 5/8/77 Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithica NY
3. Allman Bros, Live at Ludlow Garage
4. Maceo Parker Live on Planet Groove
5. Anders Osborne, American Patchwork

Favorite Images

1. "Mike D, taking it off and breaking it down at Bear Creek 2011. Wild colors, crazy woman. Who said jazz ain’t hard."

2. "What I love most about this pic is that I made it happen, as opposed to got lucky and captured a moment. I had the idea, and the Royal Family helped me to make it work. Getting a band the size of Lettuce together in the same frame is difficult unless they cooperate. I love it when they play along!"

3. "NOLA up-and-commers Flow Tribe at the French Quarter Fest. I love that the picture is as much about the picture as about the band."