Ian Rawn

Start date: December 2008

Role: Photographer, Writer, Web Site Consultant

Website: www.PlayinDead.org, www.Atlantaphotog.com

Lives In: Atlanta, GA

Bio: I have always been a huge fan of live music. My tastes range from bluegrass to rock to jazz and even some electronica. My love for music sparked a desire to capture special moments from concerts that I attend. I started shooting with a digital SLR in 2007 and have been fascinated with photography ever since. In addition to concert photography, I also enjoy capturing portraits, architecture, and any of the far off lands that I travel too. I have two websites: PlayinDead.org is dedicated to the art of concert photography and Atlantaphotog.com which is for all of my ‘other’ endeavors. In 2011, I built out a photo studio in my house and have been focusing on new born photos as well as professional head shots. I strive to show my passion for travel, music, and life in all of my work. I am always looking forward to capturing the next special moment.

Favorite Images

1. Jimmy Herring of Widespread Panic – Easily one of the nicest people in the music scene and one of the most gifted guitarists.

2. John Bell of Widespread Panic – John is one of the most soulful performers and is the inspiration behind my photography. He was litterally the reason I purchased my first DSLR camera.

3. Railroad Earth at the Georgia Theatre – One of my favorite full stage shots of a great band at one of the best small venues in the country.


4. Yonder Mountain String Band at Forecastle Festival – A great festival located in Louisville, KY which is known for bringing a variety of great performers.

5. moe. at the Tabernacle – moe. celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2010, this shot was taken for an article focused on those amzing 20 years.