Brian DeGaetano

Start date: September 2010

Role: Photographer, Writer


Lives In: Gadsden, Alabama

Bio:Brian DeGaetano, a Southerner transplant originally from New York, resides in Gadsden, Alabama with his wife Jill. He applies his business degree daily at his corporate banking job and puts his music minor to good use as a gigging drummer, percussion instructor, and concert photographer. Brian enjoys all things music and photography and jumps at any opportunity that allows him to combine the two.

Favorite Images

1. Keller basks in the warming glow that is Head Jamz

. Keller

2. Al Schnier towers monstrously above the entranced audience in concert at Birmingham’s WorkPlay Theater.


3. The Knux’s Krispy Kream delivers a deliciously hyped set at Bonnaroo Music Festival

. Knux

4. Florence’s enticing “come hither” stare can melt even the coldest of machines at Bonnaroo Music Festival.


5. Joe and Bob of the Avett Brothers show their support and rock the stage at Springfest

. Avetts