Brad Hodge

Start date: June 2001

Role: Photog/columnist/ occasional writer (previous live content and photo editor)


Lives In: Lafayette, Colorado

Bio: Most of my life my goal was to not work. As I got older and gained what little knowledge I was able to scrape together from the sidewalks of life, short of hitting it big in the lotto I learned that was simply not possible. So I started to look for jobs that felt like they were not work. This lead me to become a photographer. Since then I have blissfully ridden the roller coaster that is the photography industry. I have done production work and assisted for some great photographers. Including the likes of Hollywood celebrity photographer James White, masterful artist Erick Anderson, some of Nashville’s best commercial photographers like Michael Gomez, Dean Dixon and Eric Adkins. As well have ridden shotgun with jamband and jazz afficenado photographer Michael Weintrob on a wide range of exciting projects and wild rides. I have also had the distinct pleasure of being a house photographer for some historic venues. I spent over four years as a house photographer for the Ryman Auditorium. As well work with many great promoters like Cloud 9 Productions (Langerado, Jamcruise, Panic en la Playa), MAC Presents ( Dancin in the District, SoBro Music, Atlanta on the Bricks), Crested Butte Music Festival and many others. This allows me to follow my dream of exploring the fabulous gam of life. I love shooting live music and being apart of the scene. Along with being a sneaker pimp, an avid cyclist, runner and liner note junky.

Favorite Images

1. Maceojamcruisesuperjam –   The best thing about Jamcruise is that it genuinely is the best party of your life, until you come back the next year and unseat the previous year’s effort.  2011 definitely continued to raise the bar with stuff like this from Maceo Parker’s Superjam.  Truly epic


2. SCI bonnaroo – String Cheese Incident had stiff competition during their midnight Bonnaroo slot.  I had just hovered above the crowd to make it from The meters/Dr John/ Allen Toussaint show, and landed in the middle of things just in time.  Flying dinosaurs, jetpacks, and a full onslaught of the crowd with six foot balloons!


3. Red Rocks – For many of you our loyal readers, there is no better place to be during a gorgeous sunset than at Red Rocks.  This years 3 night party with Widespread Panic was monumental.  This is from night two.  Just a beautiful Saturday night with some friends.