Soulive’s Bowlive III, 3/7/12 & 3/8/12

Bowlive II: Nights 7 & 8
Brooklyn Bowl
New York City, NY
March 7 & 8, 2012



Just when we thought we had wrapped up Bowlive III coverage last week, senior contributing photographer Vernon Webb tapped us on the shoulder (via email) and said “not so fast there fellas.” It seems that we forgot for a moment that when there is a note of music being played somewhere near his stomping grounds, Vern tries to be there clicking his shutter.

Night seven was a long night for the majority Soulive trio because on this night, Bowlive III turned Royal green with Lettuce. Playing back to back sets (following a tasty soulful slice from Zach Deputy), guitarist Eric Krasno and keyboardist Neal Evans earned every single green back that rolled into the sold out Brooklyn Bowl on that night.  But it wasn’t just the marathon efforts of Krasno and Evans that were noteworthy. It would not be Bowlive without a guest, so in now typical fashion, the Lettuce set came with flutist extraordinaire, Kofi Burbridge.

After the crowd was warmed up from the sultry Alecia Chakour and her main project, The Osrah, night eight brought what many described as the funkiest of all Bowlive nights. This comes as no surprise considering that the legendary omni-smiling funk bassist George Porter, Jr. was on hand for the majority of the night. Combined with guests Kofi Burbridge’s return and sit-ins from Citizen Cope, Billy Martin, Alice Smith, Nigel Hall, Skerik and ?uestlove, it goes without saying that the temperature in the Bowl was at a boiling point on this night.





March 7: Lettuce


King of The Burgs, Double Header, Bump Tubby, By Any Shmeans Necessary, (Unknown), Ghost of Jupiter, Do Ya Thing, New GoGo, Makin My Way Back Home, We’re A Winner > Move On Up

Encore: Slipping Into Darkness


Click HERE to download an audience recording from this show.


March 8: Soulive w/ guests


I: DIG, Rudy’s Way*, El Ron&, Bullet And A Target^, Something To Believe In^, Ain’t Gonna Stand for It^%, 107 Degrees^%, Fool For You%, Tuesday Night Squad &@
II: Just Kissed My Baby&$#+, Hey Pocky Way &$#!>Funkify Your Life &$#!,  Come Fly with Me &$#!>Africa &@$#!, Everything Is Everything &@$#!

Notes: & w/ Bowlive Horns; * w/ Kofi Burbridge; ^ w/ Citizen Cope; % w/ Alice Smith; @ w/ Nigel Hall; $ w/ George Porter Jr.; # w/ Billy Martin; + w/ ?uestlove; ! w/ Skerik


Click HERE to download an audience recording of this show.



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Click here to view photos from Bowlive III Night 7 by Vernon Webb

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