Soulive w/ Jamie Mclean Band, 5/4/11


WorkPlay Theatre
Birmingham, AL
May 4, 2011

Something that has become predictable is that one can never predict what will take place at a Soulive gig.

When the ensemble rolled through Birmingham’s WorkPlay, they brought out an old Jam Cruise acquaintance, the Magic City’s own American Idol, Taylor Hicks. Regardless of what the naysayers say, when Hicks joins in with an improvisational band, the result is something truly grand. 

Adding his soulful voice and skilled harp play to the already skilled play of these Royal Family members took the music to the highest of places.  

Later in the evening, opening act, Jamie Mclean Band, rejoined the stage for what bacame an impromptu Super Jam.

Birmingham’s Andi Rice’s lens was a witness to it all. 

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