Sonny Landreth : Levee Town Expanded Edition

levee-town-ee-cover.jpgLevee Town, guitarist Sonny Landreth’s seventh album (originally released in 2000), is an often overlooked masterpiece. Far and away the most expansive album from the slide-guitar master, Levee Town features those trademark intricate guitar parts that serve as a shining example of his unparalleled fret work. 

Levee Town, more so than any of Landreth’s other albums, finds him swerving all over the musical map, taking his guitar down to the swamps of his Louisiana home, and creating an album that reflects the sights and sounds of the region. The album has been given a bit of a face-lift for the release of this Expanded Edition, though there is little that was needed to improve on Landreth’s already sublime guitar. The reissue also comes with a bonus disc of five songs recorded during the original sessions for Levee Town. While they are another strong batch of tunes from Landreth, they add little to the already complete album, and it is easy to see why they were left from the final cut.

This reissue gives those who need to upgrade their collection a chance to do so, and for those who missed out on this classic the first time around, it provides an opportunity to rectify that mistake.

Levee Town Expanded Edition is out now on Sugar Hill Records.