Sol Driven Train : Lighthouse

soldriventrain_lighthouse.jpgSouth Carolina is known for its sunny beaches, relentlessly good vibes and genuine hospitality. Add to the mix a grooving band, and the stage is set for the state’s recommended party disc of choice, the boisterous Sol Driven Train project, Lighthouse.

Just like Jack Johnson’s island ventures on vinyl from the great state of Hawaii, Sol Driven Train gives you just enough of a taste to want to join them on that heady, jamming trip to the ocean. The title track is full of catchy hooks, humming choruses and plenty of backing brass courtesy of Cameron Harder on trumpet, Ward Buckheister on trombone, and Russell Clarke on tenor saxophone. The tight rhythm section of Rusty Cole on bass and Phil Eason on drums and keyboards flesh out the razor sharp movements on "Friend of Mercy." "Don’t Wear Black" features the stunning guitar arrangements of singer/ guitar and percussionist Joel Timmons. The entire group picks up the pace on the upbeat Dave Matthews-like, dance-happy opus  "Circle Song #2."  

Produced by Sol Driven Train and recorded in Rodanthe, North Carolina, and Folly Beach, Sullivan’s Island and James Island in South Carolina, Lighthouse is that rare release that puts a smile on the listener’s face, acts as an ambassador of peace and goodwill, and just plain makes you long for the beautiful days and nights on the beach near the gentle rhythms of the ocean’s tides.     

Lighthouse is out now.