Slightly Stoopid : Top of the World

The new Slightly Stoopid album, Top of the World, is a dose of good news/bad news. The good news is that the first is that half of the album is great; the bad is that the second half is a meandering bore. Ironically, the songs that stand out are those that feature other artists guesting with the band. When left to its own devices, the group delivers tracks better suited for the editing room floor.

The first six songs of the album, featuring pure Slightly Stupid boasts a whole lot of rote, SoCal, white boy, reggae muzak. It is not until “Ur Love,” with reggae legend Barrington Levy, that the album becomes interesting. Other guests such as Don Carlos (Black Uhuru), Angelo Moore (Fishbone) and Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), seem to inspire the band to make an effort that boasts execution and boosts enjoyment. The highlight of the record is “Hiphoppablues” with the always great, never disappointing, G. Love.

Considering Top of the World delivers 21 tracks, and only eight feature guest artists, which leaves 13 songs that will have you hitting the fast forward button. This isn’t just Slightly Stoopid, it’s very stupid.

Top of the World is out now on Stoopid Records.