Sippin’ Whiskey In the Kitchen with Cornmeal (Video)

IMG_6185.jpgCornmeal has sailed into their second decade of existence solidified as a five piece electric progressive bluegrass combo that charts its own course.Their blending of influences and inspirations, filtered through a bluegrass sensibility and an urge to explore, has given them an expansive sound that has brought them an army of fans.  Playing to ever growing crowds in a succession of bars, clubs and halls the quintet is reaping the seeds that they have sown over the years of relentless touring. All of this led up to their hometown show at Chicago’s House of Blues where Rex Thomson had a chance to speak with the band on the eve of their homecoming for a chat about everything from the environment to social media and so much more. And it all happened over sipped Kentucky bourbon…Woodford Reserve to be precise.

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