Sharon Van Etten : Tramp

Sharon Van Etten makes somber sound oh so right.

The indie siren returns with Tramp – her first album in two years and the follow-up to her acclaimed epic – which is built upon a blossoming maturity that becomes more tangible with each release. Recorded over 14 months with Bryce Dessner of The National serving as producer, the album is her most confident yet, her boisterous nature coming to the surface on the passionate “Warsaw” and the wicked “Serpents.”  Despite the energy that bristles through a handful of tracks, Van Etten retains her charm, and even manages to lose her way a bit on the winsome drone of “All I Can.” But through all of the emotional somersaults that spiral through Tramp, “We Are Fine” offers hard-fought redemption. “Happy you are here,” she sings. “Everything is clear/And we’re alright.”

There is plenty of life in Sharon Van Etten, and Tramp proves a firm pulse from a heart the brims with passion and pain.

Tramp is out now on Jagjaguwar.