Seth Walker : Seth Walker

Seth_Walker.jpgSeth Walker has been called everything from “a different point of blue” to a “white Ray Charles” (a comment made by none other than Taj Mahal).  On his self titled release, the Austin guitar-slinger proves capable of living up to such high praise, an authentic American classic with seemingly no bounds.

Walker’s songs ooze with a gritty, down home feeling, drawing from the entire spectrum of Americana roots music, infused with deep-fried Southern soul, and trenched with Texas boogie guitar. Walker sings with as much conviction and heart as he pours in to his instrument; he swings and rocks with such an infectious style that listeners are bound to clamor for more.


Proving to be a chameleon capable of mastering multiple breeds of blues, from the Texas guitar-boogie of “Change My Way” and “Gone Before I Knew It” to rhythm and blues on songs like “Steady” and “2 Feet Left From The Ceiling.”  While most of the album is compromised of original material, many will recognize – and even more will enjoy – when Walker sits his guitar aside to offer a stirring piano rendition of Tom Waits’ “Picture in a Frame.”


Seth Walker’s eponymous debut is out now on Hyena Records.