Seepeoples: Apocalypse Cow Vol. 1

With Apocalypse Cow Volume 1, Will Bradford and SeepeopleS have delivered a deeply personal album, a work that seems to tell the tale of a life’s journey – an angry life filled with angst that screams in disdain to the powers above. 

While SeepeopleS is clearly a contemporary band with uniquely modern rage, its music also shows a clear Beatles influence.  Apocalypse Cow offers up sophisticated, clean songs that when delivered sans additional embellishment and orchestration, are far less angry than the majority of the tracks found herein. 

While the album is not consistent throughout, Apocalypse Cow, Vol. 1 is a  well constructed album overall, containing strong orchestration and performed with exemplary musicianship. 

Fans of progressive, anarchist electronica will surely find many hours of enjoyment in this release.