Sean Nowell : The Seeker

sean_nowell_seeker.jpgThe Seeker finds tenor saxophonist Sean Nowell traveling across a vast harmonic spectrum to a place filled with intriguing melodies and rhythmic world beats. With roots based in the deep South, Nowell’s background is quite diverse compared to that of most members of the New York jazz circuit. On The Seeker, he offers hints of Southern blues, gospel, and funk roots, combined with a truly complex and unique sense of harmony to create an album filled with joy and wonder.  

Nowell takes listeners on a bold musical journey with a “New York Vibe,” stretching the band’s abilities to the limit with horn sounds that are instantly recognizable, yet seemingly brand new. With each note Nowell impresses more, even when tackling the Lennon/McCartney composition “I Will.”  Altogether, The Seeker must be considered a candidate as one of the finest jazz releases of the year.

The Seeker is out now on Posi-Tone Records.