Scott Miller : For Crying Out Loud

scottmillerfor_crying_loud.jpgFormer V- Roys singer/guitarist Scott Miller paints a timely portrait of the modern American landscape on his roots-rocking For Crying Out Loud disc.

Beginning with the title number, "Cheap Ain’t Cheap ( For Crying Out Loud)," Miller and his crack backup unit, The Commonwealth, translate broken-down tales straight from the heartland. Miller contributes his sharp-edged harmonica overtones to "Cheap Ain’t Cheap," but the real stars of the piece are the propulsive, grinding reverberations of Chris Autry on bass, Jeremy Pennebaker on guitar and Shawn McWilliams on percussion.

The Commonwealth give Miller the freedom to roam alone on the piercingly funny solo acoustic cut "Sin in Indiana," much like the E Street Band affords Springsteen the ability to traverse through many different musical genres. Simply put, when you have a great band- check out the straightforward thrust of "Iron Gate" –  stylistic boundaries start to disappear, and endless possibilities like the priceless duet with Patty Griffin, "I’m Right Here My Love," become the norm.

Produced by Michael Webb, For Crying Out Loud cements Scott Miller’s reputation as a national treasure, and brings newfound respect for The Commonwealth, one of the best bands on the road today.     

For Crying Out Loud is out now on F.A.Y. Records.