Scott Fisher & 1 a.m. Approach: Step Into The Future

If Jack Johnson, Elton John, Ben Folds, and Guster (the newer, more indie rock stuff) got together and had one big orgy, the child that resulted would probably sound a lot like Scott Fisher.

On the High Sierra vet's sophomore release, Step Into The Future, Fisher has crafted a very likable collection of songs that will undoubtedly garner some attention from the major labels and the public in general.

Part pop, part rock, some solid piano work, and a little hint of reggae – that'd be an appropriate description of 1 a.m. Approach's sound, if one needed to be given. 

This recipe seems to be what works today, so it would be no shock if the opening track, the title song, ended up in the rotation of every major radio station in the coming months.  From the opening drum beats and piano, it kicks the disc off and immediately grabs your ear.

"Atmosphere" has a great rhythm that builds to a great section with Fisher's piano solo backed by some beautiful cello chords, and guitarist Bob Dunham is eventually turned up in the mix, joining the fun before the vocals kick back in.

There are certain songs that seem like they were made to be listened to on a cross-country road trip, and "3000 Years" is definitely one.  Its frenetic pace and unhinged vocal delivery just scream out to be listened to with windows down and the breeze in your face.

The slower balladry that often accompanies piano rock is certainly present, with tracks like "Forgot About The Stars" and "Chains Of Time."  However, it's the faster songs that make Step Into The Future a disc worth listening to.